13 tools that make Kubernetes better

Few computing platforms—even those people of wonderful electrical power and scale—satisfy each and every have to have out of the box. Although Kubernetes is helpful out of the box, it is far from complete. You can always obtain a use scenario or a want wherever the default Kubernetes characteristic set falls small, this kind of as databases guidance, or just ignores, this kind of as steady shipping.

Which is wherever the broader Kubernetes local community will come in, with insert-ons, extensions, and bonus goodies for the container orchestration framework. Right here are 11 of the top Kubernetes companions we have uncovered. Some will complement any Kubernetes cluster, even though other individuals address particular demands that inventory Kubernetes doesn’t address.

Clusterpedia: Take care of means for various Kubernetes clusters

Locating and handling assets in a solitary Kubernetes cluster is (typically) a solved dilemma. But what about dealing with resources across numerous clusters? Clusterpedia permits you to look for for methods in a group of Kubernetes clusters and synchronize distinct variations of means throughout people clusters as necessary. Synchronization can be paused or resumed either manually or instantly primarily based on the cluster’s wellbeing. Clusterpedia does not take care of community connectivity in between clusters, however the documentation recommends applying a device like Submariner for that.

Gatekeeper: Kubernetes coverage controls