Day: March 9, 2020

Australian privacy watchdog sues Facebook over Cambridge Analytica scandal – Security

Australia’s privacy watchdog is pursuing Facebook in the federal court more than privacy breaches relating to the Cambridge Analytica information harvesting scandal.

The Office of the Australian Facts Commissioner started proceedings against the social media large on Monday, alleging “serious and/or repeated interferences” with privacy regulation.

It comes pretty much two yrs immediately after extra than 87 million Facebook consumers globally had had their private information improperly shared with the political consultancy.

OAIC opened a formal investigation into the social media large in April 2018 when it arrived to mild that 311,127 Australians had been caught up in the world

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Corsair One Pro review: A Mighty Mouse PC for creatives (or gamers)

Corsair One Pro i200

It’s got as many connections on the back as a system twice its size.

Sarah Tew/CNET

I’m not one for naming inanimate objects, but from the moment I booted this little monster up, the Corsair One Pro has been my Mooncake: an utterly adorable, fire-breathing little planet killer of a desktop PC. It’s not the fastest PC I’ve tested, but you can also fit about five Ones into the Origin PC Genesis case system I’ve got on deck. Compared to more bulked-up systems, it performs pretty competitively on the jobs it’s intended for, namely photo and video editing. For its

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Samsung Galaxy A31 Support Page Goes Live, Phone Receives Bluetooth Certification

Samsung Galaxy A31 support page appears to be live in Russia, suggesting its imminent launch. The handset, which has not yet received any official confirmation, has also received a certification from Bluetooth SIG with model number SM-A315F/DS. The Samsung Galaxy A31 is expected to debut as the successor to the Galaxy A30 in the coming days. The new Samsung phone would run Android 10 out-of-the-box and come with at least 4GB of RAM. Earlier this week, the Wi-Fi Alliance website also suggested the existence of the Galaxy A31 with the same model number that is said to have spotted on

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Survives Durability Test in New Video

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has been put to test by YouTube channel JerryRigEverything in a durability video that highlights its screen-resistant, glass sandwich design. The latest flagship phone by the South Korean company carries Corning Gorilla Glass 6 glass panels on both front and back sides. There is also a metal frame that appears to easily get some signs of wear and tear. Importantly, Samsung isn’t advertising any ruggedness of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. It is, thus, fair to expect some delicacy on the construction front.

The nearly eight-and-a-half minute video by the JerryRigEverything channel begins with the infamous scratch

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Cancelled Flights, New Waymo Sensors, and More Car News This Week

The worldwide transportation industry is racing to keep up with the spread of the novel coronavirus, as it becomes evident that the virus is moving throughout the US. Airlines took major financial hits, even as they changed their routines—no hot towels for you!—to prevent the spread of the virus. Public transit agencies stepped up their cleaning procedures. Car sales collapsed in China. Are you changing your travel behavior because of the virus? Maybe skipping that conference? Working from home? You’re certainly not alone.

Cool stuff happened this week too. Waymo rolled out its new sensor suite and divulged some cool

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