Android 11 developer preview stresses 5G, security

A developer preview of Android 11 is now accessible, allowing app builders to start doing the job with the prepared enhance to Google’s cellular OS. Among the quite a few new options and APIs, Android 11 is established to emphasize safety.

The preview, unveiled February 19, has new abilities for running obtain to sensitive information and knowledge. Permission alternatives are available for privacy, and the OS has been produced extra safe by way of hardening of critical places.

Even more, biometric authentication now supports a wider array of gadgets. BiometricPrompt supports 3 authenticator styles with different amounts of granularity, including strong, weak, and device credential.

Other new abilities in Android 11 include:

  • A new API allows an app use an overall waterfall display including the edges, with insets to regulate conversation close to the edges. Applications can regulate pinhole and waterfall screens using existing display cutout APIs.
  • The Neural Networks API (NNAPI) features expanded operations and controls for builders. Excellent of service APIs enable precedence and timeout for model execution whilst memory domain APIs reduce memory copying and transformation for consecutive model execution. Signed integer uneven quantization has been added signed integers are utilized in its place of float numbers, enabling faster inference and lesser versions.
  • New procedures, applications, and release milestones have been added to minimize system update impacts.
  • Enhancements for 5G aid faster speeds and reduce latency. Present connectivity APIs are currently being improved to take gain of 5G speeds.
  • The dynamic meteredness API, which checks if a connection is unmetered, has been prolonged to cellular networks. This allows app builders to produce increased resolution, increased high quality, or extra knowledge to end users linked to unmetered 5G networks.
  • The bandwidth estimator API has been updated to make it simpler to test downstream/upstream bandwidth.
  • New media and digicam abilities.

Google cautions that the release is an early, baseline construct. Downloadable from, the Android 11 developer preview is intended only for builders and is not advisable for client or everyday use. An situation tracker has been established up to present feed-back on the preview. 

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