Another Google Pixelbook could be on the way very soon

Though there are previously plenty of great Chromebooks all-around, we are specially fond of the

Though there are previously plenty of great Chromebooks all-around, we are specially fond of the Pixelbooks that Google places out alone – and a tweak to the Chromium code that Chrome OS is centered on suggests a new design is on the way.

The workforce at Chrome Unboxed has noticed references in the code to a Chromebook identified as Havlor, and in particular a new point out of assist for a Google Assistant essential on the keyboard. That strongly hints at a new Pixelbook immediate from Google alone.

Only 3 Chrome OS units – the primary Pixelbook, the Pixel Slate and the Pixelbook Go – have at any time experienced a dedicated Google Assistant essential, and so the considering is that Havlor could certainly be the upcoming in the collection.

It is not definitive proof however: it can be feasible that 3rd-bash suppliers are now capable or inclined to add this element for what ever motive. But the essential only appears to be existing on one Chromebook from the coming batch of units.

Wait for it

Like a variety of other approaching Chromebooks, Havlor is centered on a baseboard design and style codenamed Volteer. It provides new integrated graphics from Intel, enhanced speeds and battery lifestyle, assist for 4K screens and USB4, and additional.

If Havlor is certainly likely to be a new Google Pixelbook, it can be very likely to be a powerful, superior-spec one – Google has consistently utilised the Pixelbook line to attempt and set new benchmarks for Chromebook units.

According to Chrome Unboxed, the timing matches up to. Former Pixelbooks have absent through the similar kind of growth arc as Havlor has, and the indications are that the new notebook could be out before the end of the 12 months.

Till it gets declared however, we won’t know for sure. We haven’t heard any other rumors about a Pixelbook that is coming soon, but looking at the Pixelbook Go got a five-star score from us, we are hoping that Google does certainly have anything on the way.

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