Comcast’s new higher upload speeds require $25-per-month xFi Complete add-on

A Comcast modem/router gateway device sits on a table near a laptop.
Enlarge / Comcast’s xFi State-of-the-art Gateway with Wi-Fi 6E.


For Comcast Internet buyers annoyed by the cable service’s sluggish upload speeds, there have been some welcome announcements not long ago. But the availability of more quickly Comcast uploads has a catch—users can only get the better upstream speeds by paying for xFi Complete, which provides $25 to month-to-month broadband costs.

“As marketplaces start, Xfinity Internet clients who subscribe to xFi Total will have their add speeds amplified between 5 and 10 situations a lot quicker,” an announcement past week mentioned. “xFi Finish features an xFi gateway, state-of-the-art cybersecurity defense at home and on the go, tech vehicle-upgrades for a new gateway following a few a long time, and wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage with an xFi Pod [Wi-Fi extender] incorporated if suggested. Now, one more profit of xFi Total is speedier add speeds.”

Comcast is deploying the pace update in the Northeast US above the subsequent pair of months. Designs with 10Mbps upload speeds will get up to 100Mbps add speeds once the new tiers roll out in your region—if you pay for xFi Full. Comcast explained to Ars that faster upload speeds will come to buyer-owned modems “afterwards following yr” but did not deliver a extra precise timeline.

There is a cheaper way to get the identical xFi Gateway with Wi-Fi 6E, as Comcast features the option to lease that piece of hardware for $14 a month. But Comcast is only producing the add increase out there to individuals who subscribe to the pricier xFi Comprehensive support.

Although the regular every month fee for xFi Comprehensive is $25, new buyers who signal up by December 31 can get it for $20 month to month in the course of the initially yr of support.

Comcast vague on timing for user-owned hardware

We requested Comcast currently if there is any specialized rationale it are not able to produce the bigger upload speeds on buyer-owned products. A organization spokesperson responded that Comcast is working on bringing speedier uploads to non-Comcast modems.

“We intend to increase the encounter to consumer-owned modems later on upcoming 12 months and are working by means of the specialized specifications as we understand,” Comcast claimed. “We started out providing it with our very own products first and now are operating through how to prolong to client-owned tools.”

Comcast also said that offering the upload improve to xFi Full prospects to start with follows its “normal validate, test, and certification course of action for a new network innovation.” But if the explanations for limiting the upload raise to Comcast components to begin with are purely technical alternatively of profits-primarily based, it really is not obvious why people today who hire the gateway for $14 a thirty day period should not get the identical reward.

Comcast has also been teasing Comprehensive Duplex upgrades that are supposed to deliver symmetrical down load and upload speeds in excess of cable. Comcast states it will give multi-gigabit download and upload speeds to at the very least some cable customers “before the conclude of 2023.” It won’t be shocking if those updates involve subscribing to xFi Comprehensive.

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