Ecobee SmartThermostat vs. Nest Learning Thermostat

Smart thermostats can conserve you time and cash when running your home’s convenience amount. They adapt to your everyday routine to make guaranteed your heating or cooling is operating only when you have to have it. No extra problems about forgetting to switch off the AC just before heading out — your good thermostat has bought you protected. 

Two of the ideal on the market are the Ecobee SmartThermostat and the Nest Finding out Thermostat. They are related in price and share some of the exact attributes. How then do you choose? 

This manual will protect each and every good thermostat’s attributes so you can compare. Despite the fact that Ecobee and Nest thermostats are related in several methods, some unique differences may support you make a determination on which good thermostat is ideal for you.




  • 3.3-inch whole-colour display

  • Offered in stainless steel, white, black, polished steel, copper, brass and mirror black

  • Google Assistant voice aid, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT

  • Multi-house aid

  • Appropriate with ninety five% of 24V HVAC techniques

The Nest Finding out Thermostat can proficiently application alone to manage your home’s temperature centered on your routine. 

Finding out

What would make this good thermostat so innovative is the understanding tech. It watches what you’re undertaking and follows your timetable to master how to handle your home’s convenience amount improved. The goal is to find the balance amongst effectiveness and advantage. Finest of all, the total procedure transpires at the rear of the scenes. For illustration, each and every time the Farsight tech greets you by lighting up and giving you: a temperature, house temperature and time update, it is understanding extra about your movements and timetable. 


Element of the reason Nest Finding out Thermostats are so good is that they have sensors so they can extra proficiently handle your home’s atmosphere. The thermostat has six sensors:

  • Temperature: Monitors your room’s temperature

  • Humidity: Steps a room’s humidity amount

  • Proximity: To detect nearby objects

  • Occupancy: Identifies when an individual is in the place

  • Ambient light: Steps the amount of money of light in a place

  • Magnetic: Finds the posture of the ring on the thermostat

The Nest Finding out Thermostat is built-in with extra sensors than other devices. Nevertheless, they are only able of checking the spot around the thermostat. To fix its constraints, you can constantly incorporate remote sensors in other rooms. The Nest thermostat is sensor-suitable so that you can incorporate remote temperature sensors, available in a pack of three for
$ninety nine

$39.ninety nine

each and every. 


Nest’s thermostat structure is outstanding to Ecobee’s. The spherical dial that lights up when an individual is in the place, moreover the dial in a metallic finish in 7 hues, gives the thermostat a modern day, designer search. You can even modify the display to an analog search or continue to keep it electronic. 


You can manage the thermostat in a number of methods. Get a arms-off solution and allow the gadget master your routine to handle your timetable or use Google Assistant/Alexa voice commands. The thermostat is also suitable with the Nest and Google Voice application so that you can manage a number of sensors straight from your smartphone. Or you can acquire the outdated-university solution of creating variations by turning the wall dial and urgent the display. 

Multi-house aid

Nest’s application sets it aside from other good thermostats. One of the most useful attributes for people today with a number of devices positioned in unique properties is Multi-house aid. You can connect and manage up to twenty thermostats for each house immediately from your account. Signing in with your Nest account allows you to handle thermostats in up to three properties. Google Residence supports up to 5 properties. 


According to Google, installing a Nest Finding out Thermostat does not acquire extra than 30 minutes. You can also refer to the Google Nest Finding out set up video for a visual set up walkthrough. One critical detail is the c-wire. You can install the thermostat with out a c-wire, which just isn’t doable with the Ecobee SmartThermostat.

Placing up the initial timetable is also very simple — you can do it via the cellular application or on the thermostat alone by adhering to the steps possibly gadget gives you. To get started, drive the thermostat face, switch the outer dial clockwise until eventually you get to the calendar icon and drive the thermostat once again when you’re all set to make a selection. 

Nest Finding out Thermostat Pros:

  • Learns your timetable automatically

  • Elegant, intuitive structure

  • Built-in with six sensors

  • Command up to three properties made up of up to twenty thermostats each and every

  • Monitors your HVAC system to capture doable difficulties early

  • Distant sensor suitable

Nest Finding out Thermostat Downsides:




  • 3.5-inch whole-colour Liquid crystal display touchscreen

  • Developed-in Alexa voice manage and speaker

  • Appropriate with HVAC techniques with up to  four stages of heating and two stages of cooling (4H/2C)

  • Contains a single remote temperature SmartSensor

The Ecobee SmartThermostat is extra than a temperature controller — it has a designed-in Alexa speaker and can connect to a Bluetooth speaker to incorporate tunes features. 

Scheduling and temperature options

The Ecobee SmartThermostat also learns and adapts your timetable to minimize your home’s power usage. The scheduling features is extra calendar-centered, which may be extra acquainted to set up than Nest’s adaptive fashion. 

Ecobee has a one of a kind feature named Adhere to Me. If you have remote sensors put in in other rooms, they function alongside one another to find the rooms people are in to modify the temperature setting appropriately. 


Ecobee comes with a single remote temperature sensor that can be put in in a unique place. Aside from the involved sensor, the thermostat has four built-in sensors for:

  • Humidity

  • Occupancy

  • Proximity

  • Temperature


What sets the Ecobee aside from the Nest thermostat is the seem features. Ecobee has an built-in Alexa speaker and microphone, boasting it is the world’s to start with thermostat which is built-in with Alexa — and now Siri. In addition, Spotify is now involved so you can listen to your favorite tunes immediately from the thermostat. 

In advance of you get swayed by the notion of piping tunes from your Ecobee, make guaranteed you would actually tune in to Spotify from the thermostat’s area. It may not be as practical if the thermostat is positioned in a hallway. Even so, the thermostat can also connect to a Bluetooth speaker to offer improved seem excellent from a extra ideal area. 


Ecobee’s thermostat does not have the most beautiful structure, particularly when in comparison to the Nest. Nevertheless, the significant display would make it less difficult to application the thermostat, modify the options and view experiences. There are no body colour possibilities, though incorporating colour to an previously significant wall gadget that lacks sophistication may be a error. 


Ecobee has its very own cellular application that allows you to application and modify your home’s options from a good gadget. Or you can application your thermostat straight from the wall gadget. As outlined previously, Siri and Alexa are designed-in, so you can command your thermostat to make variations. And if you have an Apple HomePod or HomePod mini, you can pair it with the thermostat to integrate it with your good house automation. 

Ecobee SmartThermostat Pros:

  • Contains a single remote sensor

  • Built-in Alexa speaker

  • Appropriate with Google Assistant and Siri

  • Supports Spotify

  • Connects to Bluetooth speakers

Ecobee SmartThermostat Downsides:

Which is the proper a single for you?

Producing a option amongst Nest and Ecobee’s most feature-packed thermostats just isn’t quick. They are equally point out-of-the-artwork with equipment understanding. They can equally develop by incorporating remote temperature sensors. Ecobee involves a single with the thermostat — you would have to have to get a single independently if you choose Nest.

If you still cannot make your mind up amongst an Ecobee thermostat or Nest Finding out Thermostat, there are three methods to solution the determination. You can expect to have to have to request yourself if possessing a designed-in tunes speaker is some thing you would use. If so, the Ecobee SmartThermostat is the a single. 

Nevertheless, how essential is structure to you? The Nest thermostat’s 7 colour finishes are spectacular and include bronze and copper. If the gadget is mounted in a distinguished posture, you may want to choose the Nest Finding out Thermostat. 

The past determination to make is about your home’s wiring. If you have a C-wire put in, then you can choose possibly thermostat. Nevertheless, if you never, the Nest thermostat is your only possibility considering that it does not have to have to connect to a single to function. You could constantly have an electrician incorporate a c-wire relationship if you’re bought on the Ecobee, but modifying wiring may not be doable if you lease. 

Are there alternate options worth thinking of?

This assessment compares what we consider are the two ideal good thermostats available proper now. The alternate options deficiency several of the attributes reviewed. 

Nevertheless, if you should compare alternate options to truly feel snug about your remaining determination, contemplate the adhering to:

  • Honeywell Residence T9: $169.ninety nine

    . The T9 is fewer high priced than Ecobee and Nest’s thermostats reviewed and is suitable with Google Assistant and Alexa.

  • Nest Thermostat: $129.ninety nine

    . If the Nest Finding out and Ecobee SmartThermostat have extra attributes than you have to have and are far too complex for you to understand, the Nest Thermostat is a less difficult, pared-down good thermostat. 

  • Ecobee3 lite: $149.ninety nine

    . If you like anything about the Ecobee SmartSensor except for the Spotify/speaker integration, the Ecobee3 lite is a excellent option. You can expect to conserve some cash. 

Ecobee SmartThermostat vs Nest Finding out Thermostat FAQ

What is a c-wire and why do I have to have a single?

A C-wire stands for ‘common wire’. Most good thermostats have to have to connect to the c-wire to perform. Nevertheless, the c-wire just isn’t constantly put in except you dwell in a not long ago-designed house. The wire operates from your 24V HVAC system to have ongoing energy to your good thermostat. The smart gadget cannot remain related to your house community to continue to keep the thermostat operating with out it.

What is the largest distinction amongst the Ecobee thermostat vs. Nest Finding out Thermostat?

If you’re comparing the Ecobee SmartThermostat and Nest Finding out Thermostat, the largest distinction is the designed-in Alexa speaker in the Ecobee. The manufacturer claims that it is the to start with good thermostat in the entire world to incorporate in a designed-in speaker and Alexa. In addition, the thermostat is suitable with Spotify to stream tunes. The thermostat mainly results in being a wall-mounted speaker that can manage your home’s temperature.

Do I have to have a remote sensor for my good thermostat?

You never have to have to get a remote temperature sensor for your home’s good thermostat. Nevertheless, possessing a single expands your good thermostat’s capabilities. Imagine about it this way —  a good thermostat can only offer information and facts for the place it is positioned in. A remote temperature sensor can be placed in a unique place, this sort of as a bed room upstairs so that you can keep an eye on two zones instead of a single. 

If your house has areas that you routinely use that are likely to get overly heat or drafty, checking the temperature in the distinct place can support you make adjustments to make the zone extra snug.