Firefox 96 enhances CSS, Canvas support for developers

Mozilla has produced Firefox 96, an update to the browser that provides support for new CSS properties and capabilities, and adds graphic encoder support for the WebP format to the Canvas API.

Firefox 96 was published to launch channel people on January 11. For CSS, Firefox now supports the color-plan house, which lets an element to indicate which shade techniques in which it can be comfortably rendered. Also, the counter-reset house now supports the reversed() perform for developing reversed CSS counters, which are meant for numbering aspects in descending get. The reversed() functon can be utilized with the record-product counter to range requested lists in reverse get.

Furthermore for CSS, the hwb() perform for use as a CSS shade worth has been applied. The hwb() perform describes a shade in accordance to its hue, whiteness, and blackness.

Firefox’s Canvas API for drawing graphics, meanwhile, gains graphic encoder support for the WebP graphic format. This lets canvas aspects to export content as WebP data when utilizing techniques such as HTMLCanvasElement.toDataURL() and HTMLCanvasElement.toBlob().

Mozilla’s bulletin on Firefox 96 for builders cites no notable modifications pertaining to possibly HTML or JavaScript. But other modifications relevant to builders contain the adhering to:

  • Cookies despatched from the identical area but utilizing different techniques are now deemed to be from different websites with respect to the cookie SameSite directive. Also, cookies are assumed to be implicitly set SameSite=Lax if the SameSite attribute is not specified, and cookies with SameSite=None need a safe context.
  • The canShare() API is now supported on Android, permitting code to test whether navigator.share() will be successful for distinct targets. Also, the experimental Web Locks API is enabled by default, permitting website applications managing in several tabs or staff to coordinate use of means.
  • For the DOM, the IntersectionObserver() constructor now sets the default rootMargin if an vacant string is passed in the linked parameter choice, alternatively than throwing an exception.

In other places in Firefox 96, enhancements have been built in sound suppression, auto-gain regulate, and echo-cancellation to present a improved all round seem knowledge. Main-thread load has been lessened as effectively. For stability, Firefox will now implement Cookie Policy: Exact-Web site=lax by default to protect towards cross-web page ask for forgery attacks.

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