God of War PC will bring faster frame rates to AMD GPUs as well as Nvidia

God of War is coming to the Computer, and when the video game arrives in January 2022, it won’t just boast Nvidia DLSS aid – but also AMD’s rival frame level boosting tech.

As noticed by VideoCardz, God of War Computer will occur with AMD FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution), with the video game demonstrated in a checklist of titles which are scheduled to advantage from the upscaling tech in the upcoming.

This is an formal checklist from AMD, so we can get it as a complete affirmation that God of War will indeed operate with FSR, albeit with the caveat that the tech may possibly not always be in for launch. We’d presume this would be the situation, even though, and even if it is not, FSR will debut in advance of prolonged no doubt.

God of War on Computer is presently promising to be a breathtaking seeking video game, with (up to) 4K resolution and unlocked frame rates, graphical enhancements which involve “higher resolution shadows [and] improved screen room reflections” as Sony has created apparent on Steam, additionally ultrawide monitor support, Nvidia Reflex (reduce input lag) and DLSS, and now AMD FSR to boot.

Investigation: Greater frame rates for everybody

God of War Computer could put the console variation firmly in its substantial-resolution shadows with the aforementioned graphical enhancements, but of study course clean gameplay is additional critical than visible finery.

It is here that Nvidia DLSS will help, of study course, proficiently permitting you operate the video game at a reduce resolution and upscaling it, meaning God of War is less taxing on your GPU with not a great deal of a sacrifice in phrases of real visible good quality.

Even though DLSS is good, it’s minimal to those people with Nvidia RTX graphics cards, and which is why it’s good information that AMD FSR is in the mix, so those people with Crew Red’s GPUs can advantage from frame level boosting, much too.

Even though FSR may possibly not deliver the identical stage of upscaling finesse – and it’s not AI-powered like Nvidia’s now substantially refined DLSS – it’s however a good selection to have, and takes a distinct and additional open route, supporting older graphics cards (even older Nvidia GPUs like Pascal) with smoother gameplay.

The upshot of this improvement is a lot quicker frame rates for a a great deal broader viewers when it will come to God of War on the Computer, and that has to be a good issue.

Also, if God of War is doubling down on the frame level boosting tech, we can with any luck , hope the identical from the (tentatively) rumored Computer port of God of War: Ragnarok (the sequel which is set to debut in 2022 for PlayStation).