Google Pixel 6 Pro camera module may not be user-replaceable


google pixel 6 vs  6pro

As we strategy the release day of the Google Pixel 6 Professional, it seemed like we understood every thing there was to know about the approaching Google phones. We have found renders, spec sheets, even teardowns, digital camera samples, and pricing for some markets. What we’re studying now is that Google may go the way of Apple and make it additional hard to get the Pixel 6 Professional mounted, especially the digital camera module.

If a leaked web site from the Google Pixel 6 Pro’s technological restore manual is to be considered, Google seems to be pairing a triple digital camera module to a distinctive device from the manufacturing facility. The document states “RL rear digital camera is calibrated at seller web site to safe the impression/video clip high-quality write-up restore.” This web site was printed to Repair.Wiki
 and the Wiki web site mentions that a substitution module “is various from the generation digital camera module that is paired to the primary logic board.”

This suggests that one particular may not be equipped to use the digital camera module from an present Pixel 6 Professional and set up it on to one more device. It also indicates that a substitution module may possibly require to be tricky coded to do the job on one more Pixel device. The exact document suggests “If shifting the logic board: ASP also requires to modify the RL Rear digital camera has the ‘GEO’ mark. For the replaced Rear Digital camera from the primary device, keep them, and RTV (Return To Seller).”

In a YouTube video clip, Louis Rossmann points out that since Apple has designed digital camera module repairs with the iPhone 12 more hard to accomplish outside the house of Apple’s authorized restore community, other vendors may see this as an chance to do the exact. There is certainly no accusation that Google will make third party or Do-it-yourself repairs additional hard, but the clues are top in that course. Nonetheless, this would have to be confirmed by actually getting apart two Pixel 6 Professional products and swapping the digital camera modules to see whether they do the job or not.

Rossmann wonders what the gain is to pair a digital camera module to the logic board. The leaked document claims it is “to safe the impression/video clip high-quality write-up restore.” but this assertion is met with skepticism.