How are Dedicated Servers Capable of Handling Huge Amounts of Traffic?

For most site owners, performance is the foremost criteria while choosing website hosting. In this

What is a dedicated server and how does it work?

For most site owners, performance is the foremost criteria while choosing website hosting. In this regard, a Dedicated Server is an ultimate choice. A Linux Dedicated Server is even better because it allows in-depth customisation. However, the biggest differentiating factor of Dedicated Server Hosting is that it is a single-tenant hosting platform. It hosts only one website at a time. So a website that uses Dedicated Hosting does not have to share server resources.

This exclusivity not only has a positive impact on performance but also ensures better security. Apart from this, a  site owner can configure their Dedicated Hosting Server to get maximum performance. It performs consistently even under the heaviest loads. It makes a Dedicated Server an ideal platform for websites that get a large amount of traffic.

Let us take a closer look and understand how a Dedicated Server handles huge amounts of traffic.

1. Exclusive resources

A website’s performance relies, in part, on the resources it can access. In a shared environment, a website has to compete for resources. However, in Dedicated Hosting, a website has exclusive access to all the server resources. There is no immediate danger of the resources running out. It ensures that a Dedicated Server offers high performance and easily handles huge amounts of traffic.

2. Enhanced scalability

Scalability is the ability of a hosting platform to increase its resources to match the hosting requirements. A Dedicated Server has enough resources, to begin with. But it can scale easily if the situation demands it. Most companies buy a Dedicated Server for its enhanced scalability. As website traffic increases, it needs more resources to maintain a consistent level of performance. If resources like storage or bandwidth run out, the website goes down. Reliable hosting providers offer instant server allotment to ensure that your website runs uninterrupted.

3. High reliability

A majority of hosting platforms will crash if they experience a sudden spike in incoming traffic. But a Dedicated Server is built to handle high traffic reliably. It features enterprise-grade hardware, which is robust and less prone to breaking down unexpectedly. With such purpose-made hardware, Dedicated Server Hosting can easily withstand heavy loads. It can even sustain its performance and manage to handle huge amounts of traffic.

4. Deep customizability

Every Dedicated Server Hosting plan bundles full root access. It is a very powerful tool that gives the site owner complete control over their hosting environment. With its capacity to handle system-level customisations, a Dedicated Server can be fine-tuned for uncompromising performance. Due to such granular control over its settings, a Dedicated Server can easily handle the heaviest traffic loads.

5. High uptime

Uptime is the amount of time a server stays up and running. A Dedicated Server offers some of the highest uptimes in the world of web hosting. Since the site owner has complete control over their hosting server, there are no unpleasant surprises that could affect a server’s uptime. Updates and maintenance runs are planned well in advance.

It is due to these factors that a Dedicated Server can handle huge amounts of incoming traffic. These are enough reasons to convince you to use Dedicated Server Hosting for your website. 

But if you need further convincing, check out the four reasons to use Dedicated Servers in the following video: