How important is an IOS or Android Mobile Application for a business?


What would have you done if had I asked you to solve your customers’ query back in 1922? You could have reached the person at home, asked about the reason behind cries, and then served a soothing solution. Pretty perfect! But what would you do in 2022? Would you reach his home? But he is not home! He is on his phone! So, you might fail at your business if you don’t reach your customer on the phone! And hail to your company if it has a mobile application! Bright days ahead! This is the reason that, a Profit-focused Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney, is helping businesses in 

and multiplying their profits timesfold!

But, why do you need an IOS or Android application after all? What is its importance for a business?

The tango of an Android Application and a Business!

If we just put our coffee down for a second and look at the digital data, we’d realize a drastic global shift. As in the present data, there are around 6.4 billion smartphone users globally according to Statista. If we, for a second, pick up that coffee and sip and think again, this number has a huge potential. Huge number of possibilities to reach people lie here. The possibilities that many businesses have yet left untouched.

The sole purpose of a business stays to reach as many people as possible and then sell. Sell whatever there is, but sell. But this selling is not an easy scoop. The competition has reached the distant galaxies and businesses are fighting to get a slight edge of lead.

And when we talk of android application development for a business, we talk of a huge lead. Applications work like a direct doorway between customers and businesses. How fine can a dream be for a business? And how fine the reality? But, how can a mobile application help a business realize its dream?

Adds to the brand image!

When we talk of brands, we talk of goodness. And goodness lies in the true intention to help and provide value. When a customer sees a business with a mobile application, its trust in it grows and blooms like a rosemary. We love it when a business is trying to offer us comfort.

Apart from it, a business with a mobile application seems like a business with more assets. People tend to prefer big companies over small companies, given the quality provided by both are the same.

Creates a direct door of communication!

We do not usually open a website. Why? Because there are billions of them. Also, we need to type things to surf a website, which is sort of a hassle. This is the reason that people prefer mobile apps over websites; they are just easy to handle. This is 21% of people open an app more than 50 times a day, and 51% of people do it for more than 11 times. It is just plain data, but we can make some meaning out of it.

For the reason that people use mobile apps more than any other thing, the chances of communication between businesses and people grow. Businesses get more chances of pitching their products and services to the people. This leads to a strong bond in the long term, given that everything else is of quality. But, for this you need an expert development company., a Profit-focused Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney could be a good choice for you.

To create a direct channel of communication between business and people, businesses are preferring Android Application Development.

Apps provide better marketing tools!

We cannot deny it – Apps stand far more better in terms of tools and features than a website. Consider it like an all in one weapon (or helpful machine). It is hard to load a website with these lots of features that help businesses. It makes websites slow and sluggish and cluttered and like a pain in the chest.

You can make a website and load it with the features you think would be great for your business. For example, apps provide an option of providing frequent notifications. It is like reaching a customer on the door when it has slightly forgotten about us. You can put things in order, serve things in order, and create in them a sense of flow.

Apps provide pace to the public!

Websites are slow, far more, than the applications. Because websites are bigger in size, load content fresh, and suffer from other issues, it loads at a slower pace. This gap in click and buy becomes a big difference for eCommerce. Studies have been done around delay and buying decisions. These studies say that one second of delay can lead to a 7% fall in conversion and revenue. Do you think it is a peanut value?

When it comes to eCommerce, a beautifully carved mobile application can bring customers to a sense of hypnotism. It can create a smooth flow and make a user buy at last with ease – and feel happy about it at last! This is the reason that big companies are investing a big chunk of their revenue in IOS and Android application development.

Provides better customer service!

We love it when we see a business care about us and our peace of mind. It is not a new finding that people always prefer a business that provides better after sales support. We want to feel assured that businesses are not trying to trick us and have our back in case of a mishap. We want to get assured that we are not taking a risk by investing in a product or service. This assurance get given beautifully with the help of a refined customer support.

While you can provide this support in websites too, but people rarely know and it would be hard for them to handle it through a website. It would be hard for you too. An app provides an easy and efficient medium to resolve customer issues because almost everything gets done using mobile phones these days.

Do you still feel that mobile applications are not good for a business?

How to get IOS and Android Application Development done?

If your business is fairly new and does not have the right budget, it might be hard for you to manage several things for digital growth. There is SEO, there is digital marketing, there is link building, etc. Here, you’d have to prioritize things and decide which one should be preferred. Generally an eCommerce walks with enough money for these things at hand. It works like an investment in the industry building. Talk to a digital marketing consultant to help you juggle these different things.

Now, if you have the budget, look for a company that provides android application development. The best thing is to get all the digital services done through a single company. If you live in Australia, you may check out, a Profit-focused Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney that can help you get your business profits multiplied by many hundred %. Or you may look for a company around you. But, make sure that you look, and look for a good one (while avoiding the scammers).