How to Choose a Printer for College 

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to take a printer to college. It’s definitely nice to not have to rely on campus public printers, especially when you could own one and have it in the comfort of your dorm. But with so many options to choose from, where do you start to look? This guide will help you decide what you need to look for when you choose a printer for college. 

Printer Brands You Can Trust 

The obvious place to start is online. The confusion starts when you see the sheer amount of printer options available. So, where do you begin? Try someone who has decades of experience. The college student printers by Lenovo are a good sounding board and chances are, given the wide range of kit that they stock, there will be something that meets your needs that falls into your price range. 


Laser printers are more or less the established model on the modern market. They are fast and high quality but is it possible to get this high quality on a student printer that will undoubtedly be a lower budget?  The answer is yes. Printers of decades past were slow and clunky and if you had anything over one page that needed printing, you could be waiting for a long time. Thankfully, that’s just not true of modern machines. They tend to be built with print speed at the forefront of function. Some are faster than others; what you get depends on what your budget is. 


The obvious cost is the upfront cost of the printer unit. Aside from this you will have ongoing ink costs and paper costs as well. It is definitely true that ink can be expensive, especially on a student budget. Paper is fairly cheap, especially when you purchase it in bulk. However, you don’t have to bear the cost burden all by yourself if you live in shared housing. It can be a communal printer that everyone helps pays towards. 

Reasons To Invest in a Printer

Visual learners need to have their studies in front of them in order to process the information properly. If you have a handy printer nearby, you can print whatever you need in order to help your learning process. Aside from your individual learning style, printers are also useful for essay editing and group projects. In general, they are a valuable accessory to any study environment. Of course, the main benefit is that when you need to print something off, you don’t have to pay the price of using a public on campus print unit. These can be costly and take up a lot of time and effort for something that you could alternatively do from the comfort of your room.

There are lots of advantages to owning a printer as a student. If you get the right model, you can enrich your study environment and make your learning process easier too.