How to Create Practically-possible Link Building Goals & Objectives?

Link Building for SEO: The Definitive Guide (2022)

As far as Link Building is concerned, only clearly stated goals and objectives can be pursued and achieved. Goals overstated or understated are either difficult to achieve or even achieved do nor serve the purpose. The achievement of clearly stated objectives and goals contribute to the achievement of your overall strategy and the results achieved will be meaningful and purposeful. Poorly defined goals do not reflect the overall strategy and hence will not be meaningful and practical for your overall strategy. To achieve your goals and objectives through proper Link Building, Buy Backlinks, USA.

Prioritize Websites & Goals

Some websites will take a long time to get promoted because of the complexity of the products and the subject. Likewise, some goals and objectives are difficult to accomplish in the short run. So, prioritize your websites and goals based on time needed to achieve, brand value, strategic interest, potential to reach the audience and such important factors. Then, pursue these goals in the order of your preference. 

Define & Delineate Each Website with Others Clearly 

When you have multiple websites in your business and you want to promote all of them through a joint strategy, define each of these websites succinctly with a distinctive line of separation from your other websites. This perfect delineation of your websites gives you a far better understanding as to how to prioritize and promote them each with respect to your other websites.

Every website has got a job to do with distinct functions and appeals, and such differentiations have to be promoted effectively and roundly. By clearly articulating the differences and benefits of each website, you will be able to communicate their efficacy and get your customers to pay attention to these websites and get increased interactions and conversions. So, list out all the salient features of each website and Unique Selling Proportions (USPs) of products and services featured in these websites accompanied by the list of keywords to be focused, URLs, Anchor Texts and backlinks to be promoted. This will also give you a clear perspective on how to position these websites to your Target Audience (TG) and get ahead of your competition.

List Out the Process Goals & End-Result Goals of Each Website Separately

Each of your websites’ value proposition, concept and solutions have to be promoted differently to different audiences. Typically, a blog needs more visitor traffic whereas an eCommerce website needs more of direct sales than website visits and interactions. So, each website has its own purpose and objectives in terms of promotion. The objective of a technology website, for example, is to capture quality leads. So, list down the primary and secondary objectives of each of your websites and incorporate those objectives into your overall Marketing Funnel so that you will be able to achieve desirable results in terms of web traffic, user retention, pruning of leads and finally converting these leads into buying customers. To learn more on this, check with the Best Link Building Services from Digital White Labels.

Validate the Purpose & Value of Each Goal

When you state each of your goals, ensure that these goals contribute to the achievement of your overall strategy objectives and just being a number. Each goal for your multi-websites Link Building strategy should have a significant contributory role to the achievement of your overall strategy. So, your goals have to be specifically, decisively and directly linked to the overall results.

Suppose a website is getting good traffic but the website does not provide links required for meaning actions in its content. So, the traffic generated to this website has no purpose in getting any desirable results such as sales conversion. So, goals such as traffic to this website has to be checked for their meaning, purpose and use. If certain goals are found as not contributory, they can be revisited and some actions undertaken to make them valuable. Like in the example case discussed above, the content of the website can be improved by placing relevant backlink URLs to web pages where conversions happen. In other cases, where the goals cannot be made valuable or improved, they can be squarely dropped. 

List Out Alternate Methods for Promotion 

As there may be multiple ways to achieve a goal, explore the possibility of multiple and alternative methods that you can attempt to achieve a particular goal. As you implement the strategy, try these alternative methods to achieve the goals. After reviewing the results later, stick on to the best working ideas, options and methods while dropping and slowing down the unproductive or less productive options.

List Out Stage-wise Steps to Reach Each Website’s Audience & Goals

Link Building is a process and so, list out the various stages through which you will be able to achieve your dream results. You can make these stages part of your Content Marketing Funnel to take your readers through, nurture them and mature them into quality leads and buyers.

Start with Instant-result Producing Websites

Especially for StartUps and Small Businesses, short-term cash flow is very important and so instead of focusing on goals and objectives that give results in the long term, you can begin your campaigns with goals that give instant or early results and dividends. So, in order to understand your goals, list and prioritize your goals according to their performance potential and estimated time duration to accomplish them. Then, pursue those goals that give instant or immediate results. While long term goals can be taken up along with the short term goals, put your focus on those short-run goals and intensify your efforts to achieve them. Short-run goals that give you instant and short-term results help you improve your cash flows and strengthen your overall initiative. Short-run goals are crucial for small businesses in that they help you achieve your bottomline objectives for generating short term cash flows and revenues.

Achieve Goals Incrementally But Determinantly

The purpose of setting goals is to achieve them and not just drop in the middle. Dropped and deserted goals do not contribute in any way to achieve your overall strategic objectives and hence, become impractical, meaningless or unproductive. Plan your campaigns and Action Plans in such a way that you can achieve your goals incrementally, decisively and definitely with a view to fulfill your end-objectives at any cost.

Measure the Results & Identify the Gaps

When you monitor and measure the performance of your Link Building campaigns, you will be able to identify the gaps in your Action Plans and strategy which will help you to address them with proper and necessary changes and amendments and improve the results. So, list the various metrics that you want to measure and take concrete steps to fill the gaps where necessary or refine the specific goals.

Add or Remove Methods to Improve Performance & Results

Keep looking for new, better and innovative methods for improving the effectiveness of your Link Building campaign. If you check each goal and measure the results through analytics, you will be able to identify some methods as non-performing or less performing. You can remove those methods and replace them with alternative methods so that your goal performances are not compromised. Your goals can also be reset to achieve more results by adding or removing certain methods or activities of your Link Building strategy. 


Goals cannot be achieved without practical ways to achieve them. So, goal setting should be accompanied by effective Action Plans and vice versa. When you are creating Action Plans, they should be validated for goal achievability. Otherwise, Action Plans have no meaning during the implementation process and do not get aligned to your overall strategy. So, focus on strategy and create goals, and focus on goals and create your Action Plans.