Hyundai Motor envisions an interactive and partly virtual potential it calls “metamobility,” in which a variety of robotic devices interact with human beings to deliver a wide selection of mobility products and services, from automatic individual transport to remote management of robots in  factories.

Hyundai executives, led by Chief Government Euisun Chung, elaborated on the eyesight in the course of a push convention at the once-a-year Shopper Electronics Display in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

 Buzzwords aside, Hyundai designs to leverage its increasing experience in robotics and artificial intelligence to build  a potential mobility community that connects human beings in the true environment with objects and responsibilities in the virtual environment. 

The idea is linked to the so-known as metaverse, a time period coined 30 years in the past by creator Neal Stephenson, but which not too long ago obtained attention  when social media enterprise Facebook transformed its name to Meta Platforms Inc. 

It refers to shared virtual environments. environment that folks can accessibility via the Online and that they can  use  virtual actuality or augmented actuality. Hyundai supplied many illustrations of how it could join the metaverse and the true environment:

– A motor vehicle that can be reworked into a perform house or an leisure place that contains a 3D online video game platform.

– A “smart” factory wherever human beings outside the house the plant remotely management robots that interact with devices and goods inside the plant.

– Automatic individual transportation devices for folks with disabilities or persons who want to manage social distances when touring.

To make all this perform, the automaker explained it was developing a Mobility of Items ecosystem that will url modular robotic platforms to accomplish different mobility products and services.

Just one module known as Plug & Push or PnD is a one-wheel robotics platform that combines clever steering, braking and suspension with in-wheel electrical drive, cameras and lidar sensors for automatic operation.

For larger logistics responsibilities and other mobility products and services, Hyundai can bundle four PnD modules, like just one application that pairs with a robotic dog known as – what else? – Location.