IPVanish review: A VPN with a wealth of options


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IPVanish sells by itself quick. This VPN services provides a lot more capacity than it promotes on its dwelling web site. If you take a look at the IPVanish site, you can expect to see all the typical stuff that you would assume from a VPN company. There is certainly the claim that it really is “the world’s ideal VPN” information about the benefits of protected searching a checklist of testimonies from media outlets and clients pricing and a checklist of apps. In other text, the very same stuff you are heading to see when you take a look at the web sites of most other VPN vendors.

What IPVanish won’t inform you is that it really is prosperous with alternatives and information. Whilst its application surely would make it uncomplicated to just click on-and-go, if you want to make an informed server option, select protocols, protections, and alternatives, IPVanish offers you that capacity.

The point is, you only uncover this wealth of alternatives and searching controls when you’ve got produced an account and downloaded and installed the application. For end users new to VPNs, it would make perception to disguise the electricity behind a bunch of tabs. But IPVanish may possibly entice more informed end users (and influencers who recommend program to many others) by giving a tab on its site about the alternatives and electricity it delivers to end users who dig a minimal further.

  • IP Addresses: 40,000+
  • Servers: 1,900+
  • Spots: seventy five+
  • Simultaneous connections: unlimited (terms of services utilize)
  • Get rid of change: yes
  • Logging: no
  • Price: $10.ninety nine for each thirty day period, or $44.ninety nine for each year
  • Ideal offer: $44.ninety nine for a person full year (renewals thereafter at $89.ninety nine/year)
  • Trial: 30-day income-back warranty
  • Supported platforms: iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, Linux, routers, Amazon Hearth equipment, any Android-centered media gadget

Server collection alternatives

I like how IPVanish delivers the chance for VPN geeks to dig further into its relationship settings. At the basic level, there is a Brief Connect alternative that lets you to just press a Connect button and be up and operating.


But if you want to discover more deeply, you can hit the Server List tab. I like the Map tab the ideal, simply because it exhibits both of those the towns where servers are located and the quantity of servers in every single city.


The checklist check out lets you to search for a location, and then kind by a assortment of conditions.


Filter combines both of those country specification and expected latency. I selected <50ms in the image below. Interestingly enough, I got the same list whether or not I was connected to a VPN server at the time.


There is certainly yet another promising function in IPVanish that is practically fantastic. IPVanish provides a server position web site (in fact forty eight internet pages), which lets you to look at every single server, see how considerably of the server’s sources are in use, and regardless of whether overall performance is in the environmentally friendly.


Regretably (and this is why we practically definitely like it, rather than just definitely like it), you cannot search the checklist. If you want to uncover out the position of the two New Delhi servers, you have to hit web site numbers randomly till you uncover the right servers.

Connection alternatives

IPVanish also offers you a quantity of relationship alternatives. You can select in between OpenVPN UDP, OpenVPN TCP, IKEv2, L2TP, and PPTP as the active protocol you want to use when connecting. Here is a hint: never at any time select PPTP. Even as significantly back as 2004, we ended up warning that PPTP was susceptible to attack.


Past protocol option, you can empower leak defense — kind of (we will discuss about that beneath). You can also empower a get rid of change need to your relationship to the VPN server be damaged. This comes with an critical alternative to block the visitors on your area network, which may possibly normally leak out from the all of a sudden open relationship.

If you are employing OpenVPN, you can select the port you want to use. For these concerned about regardless of whether or not your use of a VPN can be detected, you can — kind of (yet again, more on that beneath) — disguise your OpenVPN visitors, so it won’t look like it really is coming from a VPN. Eventually, you can set up or maintenance an OpenVPN driver if you so need to have to do so.

The other settings tabs permit you to select regardless of whether IPVanish commences when Windows commences, as nicely as established regardless of whether you want to instantly hook up to the final server you ended up connected to, or a server in a certain country.


Efficiency testing

I installed the IPVanish application on a fresh new, entirely-up-to-date Windows 10 set up. To do this kind of testing, I normally use a fresh new set up so some other company’s VPN leftovers aren’t clogging up the procedure and quite possibly influencing outcomes. I have a 1 gig fiber feed, so my baseline network velocity is rather quick.

To supply a honest US overall performance comparison, rather than comparing to my area fiber broadband company, I use speedtest.internet and picked a Comcast server in Chicago to exam obtain velocity. Weirdly more than enough, even though I was equipped to build a speedtest.internet relationship to the Comcast server when connected through my ISP, I was not able to do so employing IPVanish. The outcomes beneath clearly show connections to a Dallas server operated by CCleaner as a substitute.

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For the goal of testing, I utilised the Brief Connect alternative and, for every single country examined, selected the Ideal Metropolis and Ideal Server alternatives in get to use the most best VPN relationship.

Past the US, I examined connections to Sweden, Australia, and India. For every single exam, I connected to every single server three situations. The quantity shown beneath is the average outcome of all three connections. I required to hook up to servers in Russia and Taiwan, as I have completed in other checks, but IPVanish won’t function servers in these nations around the world.

Whilst I was connected, I also ran DNS and WebRTC leak checks (to make confident that DNS and IP are protected) employing DNSLeak.com, ipleak.internet, and dnsleaktest.com. These checks are basic security checks and not considerably more. If you are planning on employing IPVanish (or any VPN services) to disguise your identity for lifetime and death motives, be confident to do significantly more intensive testing.

And with that caveat, listed here are the outcomes:

Pace Take a look at Server

Baseline obtain velocity with out VPN (increased is better)

Ping velocity with out VPN (decrease is better)

Time to hook up to VPN

Down load velocity with VPN (increased is better)

Ping velocity with VPN (decrease is better)


Dallas – CCleaner

532.72 Mbps

fifty ms

two sec

fifty six.fifty one Mbps

79 ms

Possibly not

Stockholm, Sweden – Datacom

242.78 Mbps

187 ms

three sec

twenty five.03 Mbps

194 ms

Possibly not

Moscow, Russia – Rostelecom

forty one.sixty six Mbps

208 ms





Taipei, Taiwan – NCIC Telecom

94.17 Mbps

173 ms





Perth, Australia – Telstra

157.fifty four Mbps

217 ms

8 sec

49.fifty two Mbps

264 ms

Possibly not

Hyderabad, India – Excitel

239.32 Mbps

283 ms

nine sec

five.ninety seven Mbps

372 ms

Possibly not

Suitable off the bat, there ended up two matters I discovered. 1st, VPN relationship velocity was nuts quick. Quite a few VPN solutions get approximately 50 % a moment to hook up. When connecting to a US-centered server, I barely experienced time to start out recording the time just before the relationship was comprehensive.

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Second, all connections semi-unsuccessful the leak checks. All the servers I examined did report possible DNS leakage employing DNSLeak.com.


Whilst they failed to reveal my dwelling DNS server, they did reveal that I was employing an IPVanish host. That signifies that businesses that want to block VPN visitors can effortlessly do so. Much worse is the implication that if you are seeking to disguise the point that you are employing a VPN from authorities authorities, IPVanish won’t do so. This could be catastrophic, for example, if you use the services from the UAE, which sentences jail time and extreme fines for VPN usage.

In hunting at these numbers, it really is possible to get carried away by the difference in the baseline velocity compared to the VPN velocity. That’s not the ideal measurement, simply because these checks ended up completed employing broadband about fiber, so my relationship velocity is particularly large.

When you use a VPN services, it really is purely natural for overall performance to fall. Soon after all, you are operating all your packets through an completely synthetic infrastructure intended to disguise your route. The real numbers you need to look at are the obtain velocity and the ping velocity. Are they large more than enough to do the work you need to have to do?

Ping velocity is an indicator of how rapidly a reaction gets back right after a network request is sent from your computer. Some of the constraints listed here are thanks to true physics. If you are sending a packet throughout the planet, it will get longer to listen to back than if you are sending a packet throughout town.

For the nations around the world I examined, with the exception of India, IPVanish obtain overall performance was rather very good. Considering the fact that you never definitely need to have more than about six-8 Mbps to stream High definition video from web sites like YouTube, the IPVanish connections ended up surely quick more than enough.

India’s an exciting situation. In some other VPN checks I have completed, overall performance through a VPN was basically unusable. With IPVanish, I received approximately six Mbps, which is tolerable, but surely not fantastic, particularly contemplating how quick my indigenous relationship was to the Indian exam server.

IPVanish also operates only two servers in India. At the time of testing, they ended up both of those only barely used.


My encounter of the overall performance checks will never reflect your requirements. You have to check out it on your own. 1st, make confident the country you want to hook up to is produced offered by IPVanish. It has 60 nations around the world represented now. Second, with only a seven-day income-back warranty, never dawdle. Connect employing IPVanish as quickly as you indication up and exam it out entirely to be confident it will meet your requirements just before the quick refund time period runs out.

Privacy and security options

Without the need of external auditing by an impartial and trusted verification entity, it really is difficult to inform regardless of whether or not any VPN firm is genuinely hiding your tracks from authorities authorities. That explained, the firm instructed us, “We have internal and external counsel that we use to verify our privateness guidelines match our privateness practices.”

Due to the gag regulations inherent in many countrywide security polices throughout the planet, even with external auditing, it may possibly not be possible to determine regardless of whether a VPN company is genuinely hiding your information from governments. Is this a issue? That relies upon on your motives for employing a VPN.

If you are employing a VPN to shield your Wi-Fi visitors even though surfing in a coffee store, most VPN vendors will meet your requirements. They are encrypting and tunneling your visitors from your computer, through the open Wi-Fi network, and out to a server somewhere on the web. Some reviewers say that simply because IPVanish is a US-centered firm, and consequently subject matter to US regulation, it has confined security. The point is, in severe cases, it won’t definitely matter what country a VPN company phone calls its headquarters. Governments will normally have the sources to defeat a small personal company’s practices.

If you are employing a VPN to disguise in any way from country state scrutiny, no VPN is immune from intense authorities intervention. That’s why we ended up cautious about the leakage dialogue higher than. But some VPN solutions do disguise the point that their end users are employing a VPN better than IPVanish. If you just want to make confident none of your area coffee store patrons can uncover out where you dwell, VPNs can support. But if you are hiding from a major spy agency, nicely, you are getting your lifetime into your own palms.

As we mentioned higher than, IPVanish provides a assortment of encryption protocols, a get rid of change function, and the means to shut down network visitors on relationship failure. These are all fantastic. IPVanish also says, “We never host any knowledge or files, and never retain relationship or exercise logs of our clients. This would make it rather uncomplicated for us to respond to DMCA takedown requests.”

The base line

IPVanish is an exciting presenting. On a person hand, it really is excellent for the buyer who just would like to be safe and sound even though surfing, but much less than excellent for the dissident who would like to pass information to activists even though not remaining caught by a authorities.

On the other hand, IPVanish provides deep configuration alternatives, so if you are hunting for specified varieties of encryption, want to specify active options, or get associated in the certain server you are routing through, you can. We also like how the firm lets you to have 10 simultaneous connections, which signifies you can have a entire bunch of equipment route through the services with out obtaining to interrupt connections.

In terms of selling price, the product is neither the most or the least costly of the merchandise we have now appeared at. Speaking subjectively and individually, I discovered the software a satisfaction to use. What I failed to like was the quick seven-day income-back warranty time period. Whilst it really is surely possible to get a basic sense for the product in a number of days, 30 days lets for anyone who’s actively touring to get a number of visits and exam the product from different areas.

We’re impressed with how the firm is approaching its infrastructure. They instructed us, “We own and function our own network, such as the servers, racks, cables, and even some position to position fiber connections. We place our gear in some of the ideal knowledge facilities during the planet, to assure very first course velocity and redundancy.”

It really is a good product with loads of alternatives and a fantastic user encounter. If you need to have solutions in just about every country or you are some kind of spy, this may possibly not be for you. But if you want to shield your network interaction for daily use, IPVanish is a winner.

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