The faster the server execution, the faster the website performance. With evolving technology, we only have a little time to wait.  

Therefore, we are always searching for the best server solution to increase the performance and speed of websites. Here come Dedicated Servers, which are by far one of the most efficient hosting servers. 

The best hosting providers in India help you choose the best web hosting server according to your needs. In this article, we will assist you with determining which server, among the Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS, suits your requirements. 

Let’s delve deep into the topic. 

What Is a Dedicated Server? 

As the name suggests, a Dedicated Server is a service solely dedicated to a single website. That means a website doesn’t share its server space and resources with other websites.  

But, in the case of a Virtual Private Server (VPS), you get part of a physical server. A VPS is a server where a physical server is divided to create multiple virtual servers using virtualisation technology. 

You might have a question about which server is faster and performs better. 

Compared to the VPS, Dedicated Servers offer more power, security, and customisation opportunities for hosting websites. Further, dedicated websites are costlier.  

Key Differences between VPS vs Dedicated Hosting 

  1. Performance 

The performance of a Dedicated Hosting Server is usually higher than a VPS. Still, we can’t neglect that VPS performs better than a VPS Server.  

It’s because a Dedicated Server only powers one house, whereas, in the case of a VPS, the physical server is distributed between multiple VPS. 

  1. Security 

Dedicated Servers are undoubtedly one of the most secure and efficient currently, with almost close to no security issues.  

Even though a VPS has a part of a physical server, it is highly secure and reliable, as the server space of the VPS is specifically partitioned with the physical server, which doesn’t have any resource sharing with other resources. However, VPS’ sharing server hardware introduces a minimal risk of security breaches from other sites. 

  1. Customisation 

Dedicated Servers allow you to customise your server to your specific needs. For example, you can choose your server software and hardware configuration. Also, you can install a different OS on a Dedicated Server. 

Compared to Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers are not that customisable but still provide flexibility to customise the server compared to shared hosting. 

  1. Scalability 

VPS allows you to choose your preferred plans. In addition, you can upgrade your plans when your site grows and requires more storage and resources.  

Furthermore, when your site grows to a certain extent and doesn’t meet your requirements, you should change to a Dedicated Server. 


Indeed, a Dedicated Server is faster than a VPS, but it depends on your unique requirements. For example, if you have a small website and starting your work, you don’t need any Dedicated Server.  

You can start with a VPS; when your site grows, you can quickly get a Dedicated Server. 

Further, the best part is that a VPS is better than shared hosting and comes with almost the same features as a Dedicated Server in India at an affordable cost, thus making it a most popular choice for users to host their websites.