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With only a few clicks, you can verify any product’s sales data on Amazon. Open your browser, go to Amazon, search for any product, and select the PRO Extension. You’ll view the product’s sales volume, rank, pricing history, competition, trends, and other statistics right away, letting you know if it’s profitable. The Amazon Chrome Extension provides a niche score rating and a product score for private label and reselling. This allows you to determine whether a product is worth considering without looking at thorough product analytics. There are many options for finding seller tools and choosing the best.

  1. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool allows you to test different keywords in different search engines and filter by country, so you know which terms to use and where to use them.

  1. Google Trends

Did you realize that keywords have patterns and trends that have existed for a long time? You will, thanks to Google Trends! Not only will you know what happens, but you’ll also be able to see what data is being collected, allowing you to plug in other keywords at different times of the year.

  1. Amazon’s FBA Calculator

Knowing keywords and prices is only one part of the problem; learning how to compute an item’s profit margin after fees is another. It’s easy to set up and use directly on the product page.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Put a handful of search phrases in and see how many monthly hits they get and how competitive they are straight immediately. Better yet, just in case you missed anything, Google Keyword Planner will provide you with related terms with the same amount of detail. They also offer live customer service.

  1. AMZ Base

Stop looking for products in ineffective ways. Seriously, it’s past time for you to break your unhealthy behaviors. Start utilizing AMZ Base to get ASINs and descriptions quickly and easily, saving you a tone of time.

  1. Unicorn Smasher

When you first click on it, you’ll be bombarded with a lot of color and visuals. Once you get past the colors, you’ll discover a tool with a slew of valuable functions, like revenue estimates, monthly estimates, data analysis, and more.

  1. URL Shorteners

Google Short URL and Bitly are the finest two URL shorteners on the market. Because they’re so similar, it ultimately boils down to personal preference. Also, make sure to use all of the additional resources that both offer.

  1. Sonar-tool

This free FBA utility compiles product information into a proper database. It’s great for gathering information about which things are worth selling to make an informed decision. If you’re not yet at the level of closely focused research, use it as a brainstorming tool to help you decide which path to take.

If your product is too hefty to sell through FBA, but you still want to take advantage of Prime shipping, you can apply for Seller Fulfilled Prime. This implies you’ll complete orders yourself while still offering customers Prime delivery. However, Amazon has rigorous qualifications for this program, so you’ll have to meet them.