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One of the most purposeful tools of Link Building is Ahref. Afreh is about automating and easing the process of Link Building through keywords research, content research, website performance measurement, etc. Ahref allows you to generate keywords and content ideas and to fill the gaps between your website and blog, and your competition.

Ahref enables you to analyze and understand why certain keywords can be used in your content or website so that your search engine ranks can get better and thereby your website Domain Rating gets improved. At the bottom of it all, through the use of Afreh you will be able to generate clicks and interactions for your links and content and promote your links. 

You can add one or more of your websites by integrating your Google Search Console account with your Ahref account or through the manual method by downloading the html code and adding it to your website. Then, you will see all your connected websites in the Ahref’s dashboard for analysis.

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What is a featured snippet?

Featured snippets are brief excerpts from a webpage that appear in Google’s search results in order to quickly answer a user’s question. Featured snippet content is automatically pulled from pages that have been indexed by Google. The most common forms of featured snippets are definitions, lists, steps, and tables.10-Jun-2021

Analyze common keywords thro Competing Domains feature.


Using this feature, you can see the websites that athatr are backlinks to your website along with their DR, UR, Referring domains, Linked Domains, Ext, Traffic, Kw, Anchor and Backlink, First see, Last checked, 

You can check backlinks in the following categories such as New, Lost, Broken. 

Scope of Ahref

Ahref has got four main features whose functionalities can be highly useful for the Link Building process. They are:

  1. Site Explorer
  2. Keywords Explorer
  3. Rank Tracker
  4. Content Explorer

Site Explorer

This helps you analyze the backlink profile and check the traffic status of your website or URL In short, the Site Explorer of Ahref helps to do the website level analysis for the link strength so that you can undertake the steps necessary to improve the same. 

Keywords Explorer

This helps to generate keyword ideas and combinations along with their search volume potential and ranking difficulty scores to get an insight as to their use and implementation for your content development and Link Building efforts. At the outset, Keywords Explorer is a keywords automation tool.

Rank Tracker

This feature helps with monitoring your website’s ranking and performance in comparison with your competitors’ websites and web pages with scheduled, comprehensive and actionable data and reports.

Content Explorer

The Content Explorer feature as its name suggests helps with finding content topics that are working for your competitors but not your website. With the findings and insights, you will be able to bridge and fix the Content your web pages and blogs and improve your SERP results and Domain Ratings over a period of time with automation at its best. The Content Explorer has a search engine with a database of more than 1 billion  pages.

Site Audit

The Site Audit feature does all the necessary functions to fix the site related malfunctions and gaps by getting you the crawl reports with detailed information in real time. In short, Ahref’s Site Audit gives you the overall health score of your website with respect to SEO and Link Building.

Purpose of Ahref

Ahref allows you to find the gaps, identify the enormity of the gaps, generate the solutions that fill the gaps and monitor the improvements and performance of your keywords, website and blog content, website’s overall health, website traffic, website’s link profiles, website’s SEO statuses, etc.

Functions of Ahref

They are multiple and some of the key functions are Finding Content Opportunities, Competitor Websites Analysis and Keywords’ Ranking Position Analysis. They are discussed below:

In Site Explorer, you can type any of your competitors’ websites into the search bar and get their top pages report of all websites linked to it with information on their topics and monthly traffic for all countries or specific countries. You can check the websites that are linked to the referring domain by clicking the number of websites linked to each referring domain to your competitor’s website. You can check the nature of the domains to see what types of connections they have such as Do Follow, Redirects, No follow, etc.

The Top Subfolders feature shows the traffic status of even the folders and subfolders of the website with data showing you in percentage terms how much the referring domains contribute to the website’s overall traffic. Moreover, you will get to know the quality of our competitors’ backlinks with information on the contributing factors.

You can analyze multiple factors and components using the relevant filters and check these for website and web page levels though the ideal thing to do is URL level and not domain level. 

Using the option Content Gap, you can find and analyze what keywords your top 3 competitors are in the top 100 positions but you are not. You can do this for specific handpicked keywords also and get the reports.

In Content Explorer, you can click Organic Keywords and do the keywords research to get the data such as Search Volume, Keywords Difficulty (KD), Cost Per Click (CPC), Traffic and Keywords Position.

Moreover, by clicking the SERP tab of a particular keyword phrase, you can see your competitors’ status for the keyword phrase. You can see a list of competing websites under the following categories such as Featured Snippet, Top Stories, ‘People also ask’ and Top Thumbnails and check their sites’ status. You can see who is ranked on top in Google for the list of questions in ‘People also ask’ and get the opportunity to add those content ideas to your website to improve your search engine results. You can add these questions to the existing blogs or create new blog posts and incorporate these questions as the part of those new blogs.

In addition, for a particular keyword phrase you can see Afreh Ranking (AR), Domain Rating (DR), URL Rating (UR), Number of Backlinks, Number of Unique Referring Domains, Traffic, Number of Keywords that this webpage is listed in the top 100 rankings, Top Keyword with Search Volumes. You can also get to see how your competitors have used the Search Query/Search Phrase/Keyword Phrase in their Meta Titles and get a cue about how to use them in your web pages to foster better SERP results.

You can filter the results for various keywords that have search volumes between a certain range that you wish to check. 

You can check keywords for various statuses such as New, Lost, Up, Down and Position. The term Lost means the keywords shown under it have lost positions in the top 100 positions, Up means those keywords have gained keyword positions. Position refers to the position changes of keywords from previous statuses. The keywords can be checked for these various ranges country-wise with details such as Volume, KD, SERP Features.

In Organic Keywords, you can see keywords positions under two Headings: New and Movements. Under New, you will be able to see new keyword phrases that have shown in the top 100 ranking positions and check their ranking positions for various parameters.

Under Movements, you can check the changes in keyword rankings for various days. With these data, you can plan as to whether these keywords can be used as Meta Titles, Meta Description, Blog Posts Topics, Titles or Texts, Anchor Texts,  Image + Alt Texts, Links between pages, etc., to improve the Link Scores.

With the Site Audit feature, you can fix 404 and 500 errors, and broken links.

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Keywords and Content Optimization are the core to the success of SEO which leads to a successful Link Building process. You can use Asref for both of these and do Backlink Analysis, Referring Domains Analysis, Keywords Research, Content Research and use the insight and improve your Link Building process and boost your On-page and Off-page SEO.