Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 review: Several refinements improve upon the original Review

Many thanks to my electrical bicycle and Sounder practice commute, I am almost never in an car apart from during the weekend. With a mile walk to and from the practice station to my office environment, it is amazing to jump on a foldable scooter to make that vacation in about a third of the time it normally takes to walk the length.

For the very last 10 days, I have been driving the Mi Electrical Scooter Pro two from Xiaomi. The first product launched in 2017 and I took it for a spin a pair of many years in the past. If you liked that first product and potentially rode one close to with a rental service, then you will like this latest product.

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What is been improved in a few many years?

The very last time I rode a Xiaomi scooter it was the first Mi Scooter M365 product. There was a Mi Scooter Pro, but I am comparing this product to the first from 2017 because I hardly ever experienced the likelihood to check out out the prior Pro product.

I didn’t listen to problems about that 1st product and it appears to be Xiaomi held the style mainly the very same. However, there are some refinements to make improvements to the in general practical experience. These include things like the following:

  • A lot more reflectors to make improvements to your visibility to motorists
  • Rear fender transition piece to the foot board for improved security and strength of the rear fender that also serves as the link point to hold the handlebar in place as you carry the scooter close to
  • Enhanced braking program
  • Greater tail gentle
  • Brighter headlight
  • Liquid crystal display screen with speed, battery lifetime, BT link

These refinements make improvements to security and make top quality of the scooter, which are both critical to riders.


  • Motor electrical power and torque: 300W and 600W instantaneous electrical power
  • Body design: Aerospace-quality aluminum
  • Max load: 220 lbs/a hundred kg
  • Tire dimensions: 8.five inches
  • Battery: 12,800 mAh lithium ion battery cells with 8-9 hrs charging time
  • Lights: 2W front headlight, purple LED taillight, five reflectors
  • Folded proportions: 490mm high x 1130mm long x 430mm broad
  • Prolonged proportions: 1180mm high x 1130mm long x 430mm broad
  • Excess weight: 14.two kg
  • H2o and dust resistance: IP54
  • Max speed: 15.five mph/twenty five kph
  • Vary: 28 miles/45 KM

Best ZDNET Evaluations

As you search at the specs higher than, note that some of them are offered for a a hundred sixty five-pound human being in excellent conditions. As you browse my feelings underneath, know that I am a 250-pound human being who is 6 toes, 1 inches, so I exceed the max load and consequently measured various utmost speed and selection values.


The Mi Electrical Scooter Pro two arrived in a really substantial box that contained the scooter in its folded place with the handlebars taken out from the stand and folded over with all cables connected. The retail package deal ordinarily incorporates a spare tube and tire, an prolonged nozzle adapter to assistance you pump up the tires, screws for the manage bar, a consumer manual, and a T-bar wrench so you can tighten up screws after you connect the handlebars to the front stand pole. The simple brown overview box went via about a thirty day period of trials prior to it arrived so there were no screws, wrench, or manuals inside of the box when it ultimately arrived.

The alumimum substance seems to be of high top quality with really excellent welds connecting the stand pole to the standing platform and other areas of the body. It feels very sizeable and at 14.two kg it is not a lightweight scooter that everyone will be equipped to manage. I am not a compact human being so carrying the scooter close to for prolonged intervals, test out my experiences underneath, was not a difficulty.

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The LED front headlight is significantly brighter than the first Mi Scooter with two times the wattage in this product. Using close to the streets at night time was just great with the gentle guiding the way. It is toggled on and off by a tap of the electrical power button when the scooter is run on.

The handlebars prolong straight out from the middle and have relaxed grips with nubs on them to make them uncomplicated to grasp. On the front of the left handlebar is the hand brake for the rear tire. The braking program is a regenerative Abdominal muscles program so that braking works to charge up the battery and sluggish you down progressively. Pulling the brake manage will not likely cause instantaneous stops so strategy for this as you trip.

There is also a manual bell on the left aspect that you activate with your thumb. Only flick down on the button to ring the bell. This is excellent for creating certain folks are mindful of you coming down the road or sidewalk.

Just to the inside of of the suitable hand grip you will locate the accelerator. This is activated by pressing your thumb down on the rotating piece and the more you press it the more quickly you will go. Once you connect your smartphone, you can enable cruise control in the app so that pressing and keeping utmost acceleration for additional than five seconds turns on cruise control. When cruise control initiates a beep seems. To turn off cruise control, you possibly pull the brake or tap the accelerator button.

In the middle of the handlebars, you will locate the electrical power button and compact screen. This is a important advancement over the first scooter I analyzed that only confirmed LED indicators for battery status. You can now toggle the driving method, see Bluetooth link status, and see your speed in metric or imperial units. It was tough to search at your mobile phone to gauge speed prior to so I appreciate having the ability to swiftly look down to see the speed.

Relocating down the stand, we have the launch mechanism to fold the handlebar pole down and on to the rear wheel. The flip change for the bell secures into the plastic tab on the top rated of the rear wheel fender so that you can effortlessly decide up and walk close to with the scooter.

The launch mechanism is a simple long lever that you raise and reduce. There is a sliding ring that locks the pole up as effectively so it would not unintentionally transfer down on you. Even however I tightened up the first product as much as attainable, I locate this new product to have a additional rigid attachment so I sense much better heading 12 mph on this scooter.

The front wheel residences the electrical motor that propels you ahead and it is a reliable wheel. Driving this is the foot stand platform that has a textured mat to make it secure for standing. I use dimensions 12 sneakers and was equipped to effortlessly stand comfortably with both toes on the scooter and nevertheless have space to shift my toes close to.

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The charging port is beneath the stand on the front left aspect. I could hardly ever get the protect to keep in place on the first product, but locate the protect swiftly and effortlessly attaches to the charging port on this new Mi Scooter Pro two product.

Further more again, about 3/4 of the length of the stand, you will locate a kickstand that retains the scooter securely in an upright place. The batteries are found beneath the stand with screws existing to access this compartment, if essential.

The rear wheel fender contains the tab to secure the handlebar to for carrying the scooter. The fender style has also been improved for security with the front of the fender now extending down and on to the foot board.

On the again aspect of the fender is a purple LED. This gentle turns on when you turn on the headlight. When you brake the scooter, this gentle flashes slowly but surely far too so that folks powering you know you are stopping. You can also toggle the taillight to be on all the time in the smartphone app. This rear gentle is also larger and brighter than we saw on the first product.

The disc braking program is identified on the rear wheel. This wheel has a additional open up style than the front wheel far too.

There are now also additional reflectors close to the scooter to assistance make improvements to visibility in reduced gentle conditions.

Smartphone app

A really basic smartphone app is out there for iOS and Android. Down load and put in the Mi Residence app and then you can connect the scooter when the scooter is on and Bluetooth is enabled on your mobile phone.

The residence web page of the app shows the scooter and the present speed in the higher suitable. Present battery degree, typical speed, and mileage from the present vacation are also shown on this screen.

Tapping on the higher suitable menu possibility reveals various settings, together with a cruise control toggle, taillight toggle, unit settings, battery details, background of full mileage ridden, and an possibility to update the scooter firmware.

You can also lock the scooter by swiping across the screen. I realized a important lesson a pair of many years in the past when I unintentionally locked the scooter and experienced to then carry it for additional than a mile.

Daily utilization and experiences

I have used electrical scooters for my commute, when on small business journeys in many cities, and when on holiday vacation with my household so I am relaxed driving them on many roadways, trails, and surfaces. I identified the enhancements to security and security to be just best for this scooter.

The largest advancement for my utilization, when compared to the first Mi Scooter, was the addition of a practical compact screen. It was a great deal additional trusted and understandable to control the scooter status and I also appreciate observing the speed on the panel.

I exceed the utmost rated load of the scooter by additional than 20 lbs so I was not equipped to attain the top rated speed and selection rated for a a great deal smaller sized human being. I was hoping to see some advancement in potential and electrical power to aid me up hills, but I get practically no assistance driving up an incline on this scooter.

Regenerative braking and non-run coasting are supported to assistance change kinetic electricity into electrical electricity in get to prolong the battery lifetime of the scooter. I evidently identified improved battery lifetime with this product and was equipped to leave the charger at residence when commuting to and from the office environment.

I usually skilled a top rated speed of 12 mph on a flat surface area, which is a good deal fast for a scooter where by you have to hold on with two hands. You can select from pedestrian, conventional, and sporting activities method suitable on the dashboard so you can control the utmost speed of the scooter with ease. The handlebar height labored effectively for my 6 toes, one inch, height and the trip was relaxed.

I have experienced a few flat tires on the first Mi Scooter and have because replaced the pneumatic tires with reliable substitution tires because it normally takes some ingenuity and loads of endurance to change out a flat 8.five inch tire. I understand the convenience of your trip could experience a little bit, but because you commit your time standing I would like to see a long term version of the Mi Scooter start with some sort of reliable tire option.

The rate for the Mi Electrical Scooter Pro two is EUR 399. We’ll update the overview with availability and more pricing as this facts is offered.