Microsoft Visual Studio beefs up support for C language

Microsoft’s Visible Studio IDE has additional assist for the C11 and C17 C language requirements, hence growing the IDE’s formerly minimal assist for C. C11 and C17 come to be supported language versions setting up with Visible Studio 2019 16.eight Preview 3, which was produced September 14.

For yrs, Visible Studio has minimal C assist to whatsoever was required for the C++ language, which was built as an extension of C. Now, a conformant, token-centered preprocessor has been additional to the compiler. Two compiler switches, /std:c11 and /std:c17, were being additional to give conformance to the most recent ISO C requirements.

C11 and C17 functionalities are supported this sort of as _Pragma, prohibit, and Static_assert. IntelliSense can perform with these functions by working with a .c file extension for resource information or the /TC compiler swap to help syntax highlighting for C code. However, IntelliSense highlighting is at this time readily available for keyword phrases only, not macros released by conventional headers. A long term launch will repair this.

With the inclusion of the token-centered conformant preprocessor, the two new C compiler switches indicate /Zc:preprocessor. Builders who want to use the regular character-centered preprocessor along with C11 or C17 will require to pass in the /Zc:preprocessor- compiler swap.

Microsoft explained C17 as a bug repair launch of ISO C. The only dissimilarities between the C11 and C17 versions are the _STDC_edition macro in C17. Even though Visible Studio delivers no assist for C11 optional functions, Microsoft designs to incorporate the most impactful optional functions in long term releases. Atomic and threading assist are on the item roadmap. 

To use C11 and C17 in systems, developers have to have the most recent Insider Preview Windows SDK updates to perform with the conforming preprocessor and the new Universal C runtime. Builders can develop a totally free Microsoft account ( and then choose into the Insider application. Microsoft has posted a established of guidance for having started out with C11 and C17.

Visible Studio 2019 16.eight Preview 3 also delivers enhanced assist for C++ 20 throughout the compiler, conventional library, and IDE. Modules, principles, coroutines, and some ranges can be used in the identical job.

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