Montblanc MB 01 Review: Premier Noise-Canceling Headphones

On far more than just one event, Montblanc’s 1st noise-canceling headphones have afraid the crap out of me.

Even with noise-canceling on, I normally listen to the simply click-clacking of my dog’s nails on the hardwood or my girlfriend’s voice by the musical fog. Not so with the pen company’s modern new MB 01 above-ears, which silence the environment about you like they are spewing a firetruck-load of black ink. Now, an unforeseen hug or the unexpected look of a big drooling head has me leaping out of my chair.

I’ve tried using approximately each individual highly regarded pair of cans about, and I’ve bought to hand it to the newcomer. For sheer audio reduction, the MB 01 are the best noise-canceling headphones I’ve at any time analyzed. They are not with out downsides—most notably, a $595 cost tag—but if you’re following a cozy, isolated, and excellent-sounding portable listening expertise, Montblanc’s new headphones really should be higher on your listing.

Premium Overall performance

Most premium noise-canceling headphones are vanity merchandise.

Stunning, pricey designs from makes like Learn & Dynamic, Bang & Olufson, or Bowers & Wilkins are all fully excellent headphones, but they’ve bought anything other than ampersands in typical: Sony and Bose make superior headphones for less. The longtime leaders in noise-canceling have less costly designs with superior noise reduction, excellent audio, and a superior consumer expertise, and they do not seem fifty percent undesirable, possibly.

I uncover myself most impressed by all the issues you can only feel on the MB 01. I adore how the oversize ear cups grasp my head like two rounded palms, and how the aluminum headphones are light as a feather. You could create a dissertation on the headband on your own. It really is so perfectly padded that it’s cozy to listen to the headphones with a hat on and light sufficient that it does not weigh on your head.

Photograph: Mont Blanc 

The designers at Montblanc plainly invested a great total of time on the look by itself, as well. You get modern steel-and-leather building and a gorgeous cap-leading symbol you’d anticipate from the fat cat pen enterprise. The MB 01 are each individual little bit as very as $600 headphones really should be, but each individual little bit as forgettable as anybody who can find the money for them seriously wants to seem whilst traveling.

There are physical buttons (still superior than touch controls in approximately each individual occasion) on the outside of the proper ear cup that let you simply flip noise canceling on or off, pull up Google Assistant (when related to an Android cellphone), or change the volume. My beloved button is none of those. Rather, I’m partial to a significant just one that is concealed underneath the centre of the proper ear cup for enjoying and pausing new music. Given just how silent the headphones make your surroundings, I pressed it a good deal.

The just one piece of tech I’m surprised to not see on headphones of this caliber? Head sensing, a element uncovered in Sony and Bose designs that makes it possible for new music to immediately engage in when the headphones are on your head and pause when they are resting about your neck. The twenty several hours of bundled battery life is not as higher as Sony or Bose possibly, but it’s far more than sufficient for most individuals, and brief USB-C charging tends to make it a nonissue.

I would also like a version wherever the metallic accents on the headphones are matte alternatively of shiny steel. Surely even rich pen fans have fingerprints.

Audio in Silence

The MB 01 get as silent as noise-canceling headphones can go. You will not listen to your HVAC, your garden-mowing neighbors, or the frustrating conversation about politics that is occurring at the coffee shop table subsequent to you—if you’re still likely out in public (it’s possible reconsider!).

They do a good deal with that silence. The angled, forty-mm dynamic drivers within the ear cups bought the at the time above from acclaimed engineer Alex Rosson—who esoteric audio nerds will identify as the cofounder of headphone manufacturer Audeze. I do not know what magic fairy dust Rosson has coating his eardrums, but the MB 01 audio astounding.

The headphones are bold and powerful down very low, with heat guitar tones and very low pianos that ring out a little bit thicker than typical, but uncover them selves balanced by a pleasantly crisp chunk in the highs. The MB 01 audio clearer and hotter than Bose’s headphones and are far more fun to listen to than the Sony WH-1000XM3 for the reason that of an insanely extensive audio phase. Like the Sony model, they do AptX Hd, for the best possible audio above Bluetooth.

When I’m listening to Sunbathe’s Can’t Be Sure, the vocals feel like they are reaching out to the corners of my room. That is specially outstanding taking into consideration how limited noise-canceling headphones can feel for even bigger, far more stay, mixes—a downside of the way these varieties of headphones listen to and isolate the outside environment.

Indicator Me Up

It does not surprise me that a enterprise with a spot in the hand of CEOs, politicians, and field leaders about the environment would want a spot near their ears. What surprises me is how perfectly Montblanc has finished in finding there on its 1st test.

At ease, attractive, whisper-silent, and amazing sounding, the MB 01 are not just a great pair of premium noise-canceling headphones. They are truly a Rolls Royce for the ears. And just like cars or pens, you can have them in multiple colours.