Nest Learning Thermostat vs Nest Thermostat: Which is right for you?

When wanting at the Nest Finding out Thermostat vs. Nest Thermostat, both are go-to clever gadgets for modifying temperature about the residence. Just after all, they’re Nests — the flagship brand name for residence temperature automation.

You can say that the Nest Finding out Thermostat is the mother or father and the Nest Thermostat is the boy or girl. Right before Google bought Nest, the business introduced the Nest Finding out Thermostat (2011), which was groundbreaking during its time for its sleek, understated layout. The model is nonetheless alive and properly today. Just after Google obtained Nest in 2014, it adopted up with iterations, such as the Nest Thermostat E and the Nest Thermostat. The Thermostat E has been dropped, leaving buyers to make your mind up among the Nest Finding out Thermostat vs. Nest Thermostat.

Each thermostats experienced some improvements we’ve mentioned in this evaluate. The greatest way to differentiate these two is by pricing — the new version of the Nest Thermostat is reduce in price, producing it an cost-effective, entry-degree clever thermostat for buyers new to Nest. At the exact time, the Nest Finding out Thermostat is the leading-of-the-line version, with a price tag to match.




  • three.three-inch complete-coloration display
  • Weighs eight.6Oz
  • Obtainable in stainless steel, white, black, polished steel, copper, brass and mirror black
  • Appropriate with ninety five% of HVAC systems as properly as Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT
  • Google Assistant voice support
  • Multi-residence support

The initial thermostat that started off at all nonetheless appears to be like and operates as contemporary today as when it was introduced.

Finding out

The motive clever thermostats are so common is the benefit of allowing the system determine out how to hold your residence snug with no jogging up your electric or heating monthly bill. Reliant Energy Laredo TX helps you navigate your energy consumption and opt for more affordable electricity plans for your home. The hottest launch of the Google Nest Finding out Thermostat doubles down on its clever tech to support you management your home’s temperature. Right out of the box, it starts studying far more about how to adapt by observing when you appear and go and your temperature tastes. Its studying curve is pretty fast — the thermostat takes about a 7 days to start out programming alone primarily based on the time, weather conditions and your program.


Google won’t overlook a conquer, providing the thermostat in a sleek overall body with a metal ring. It really is readily available in a variety of finishes to function with all kinds of decor. You can opt for from an analog or digital clock on the dazzling, crisp display screen. Farsight will make absolutely sure it mechanically lights up when you strategy as if it’s greeting you. You may receive an update about the room’s present ambient situations, weather conditions and time. The system is multi-tasking — though it experiences to you, it’s studying your habits and program on the fly.


If you’d like to deal with your home’s temperature remotely, you can download the Nest application. The application allows you management the Nest Finding out Thermostat from any where. It may well appear in handy if you have little ones who overlook to convert the warmth down when they depart for university, or you’d like to make absolutely sure your residence is awesome and snug when you appear residence.

You may well not have to have to use the application considerably due to the fact the thermostat will adapt and anticipate your requirements. However, Nest nonetheless offers you a variety of choices to management the clever thermostat. In addition to the application, you can basically wander up to the thermostat, press on the display and convert the dial. You may see a present summary, as properly as be ready to access the program, electricity historical past and your options. If you like to continue being arms-off, talk employing voice commands to set your program or make changes though you happen to be residence.

Multi-system support

The Nest Finding out Thermostat is suitable with the majority of HVAC systems. Google statements ninety five% compatibility. If you happen to be acquiring hassle functioning the kinks out, you could often book installation with OnTech and enable the execs set it up. It could be handy if you happen to be putting in a number of thermostats through. You can management up to twenty thermostats for each residence from your Nest account for up to a few locations. Which is up to 60 gadgets, all at your fingertips.

Price tag

The Nest Finding out Thermostat retails for $249.99

but you will find excellent information. Google statements it will spend for alone in much less than a pair of a long time primarily based on utility personal savings. As well as, there may well be rebates readily available for your location, which could also support offset the original financial investment. For example, New York City people can get $85 from Con Edison when they indication up for Hurry Hour Benefits to control and reduce electricity use during peak several hours.
The exact provide is truly worth $185 for people of Los Angeles

, so make absolutely sure you look at for rebates in your location.

Nest Finding out Thermostat Execs:

  • Learns your program mechanically
  • Classy, intuitive layout
  • Manage up to a few houses containing up to twenty thermostats every
  • Screens your HVAC process to catch possible problems early

Nest Finding out Thermostat  Downsides:




  • three.three-inch Lcd mirrored display
  • Weighs 4.9oz
  • Obtainable in snow, sand, fog and charcoal
  • Appropriate with 85% of 24V HVAC systems
  • Google voice management and Alexa

The Nest Thermostat delivers cost-effective performance for under $130, but you are going to have to give up some capabilities.


What will make Nest thermostats so successful is the studying tech powering them. Sadly, the Nest Thermostat can be identified as Nest’s “lite” version and won’t master the exact way other Nest goods do. You may have to have to enter your possess program as a substitute. It does have some automated features — if you depart the dwelling, it will modify the temperature to save electricity.


The Google Nest Thermostat’s layout isn’t as significant-close as the Nest Learning’s metal trim, but the plastic overall body is amazingly nonetheless clean and durable plenty of to healthy into most houses. It really is possibly for the reason that of the mirrored end. In addition, the optional Trim Kit can support your wall seem completed with no the have to have to paint or patch.


A person of the large disadvantages to the Nest Thermostat is the truth that it’s not suitable with the Nest application. However, you happen to be spending about 50 percent the price of the Nest Finding out Thermostat, so possibly the trade-off isn’t so poor. In addition to, you could use the Google House application as a substitute to management your home’s temperature from anywhere you may well be.

You is not going to find a convert dial as you’d find on past variations. Alternatively, you can make changes by a contact strip situated on the appropriate of the thermostat. It takes a minimal obtaining utilized to, but at the time you don’t forget to access to the appropriate to swipe, you are going to like the new layout.

Price tag

The Nest Thermostat retails for $129.99

. It really is a excellent entry-degree choice to hold your residence at a snug temperature. If you’ve got experienced past Nest thermostats, you may well find it a little bit spare. However, anyone who is just obtaining started off with Nest will like its intuitive really feel and the minimal price. Enjoy it plenty of, and you can upgrade to a far more complete-showcased Nest Finding out Thermostat later on, at the time you have some warmth and cooling personal savings under your belt.

Nest Thermostat Execs:

Nest Thermostat Downsides:

  • It won’t function with the Nest application
  • Much less suitable — functions with 85% of 24V HVAC systems
  • No studying features

Which is the appropriate 1 for you?

If you happen to be torn among the two, rest certain you are going to possibly see electricity personal savings with both. They both mechanically modify your home’s temperature when you depart residence. However, Nest Finding out is far more tech-advanced, studying your program and tastes in about a 7 days to mechanically adapt your home’s HVAC options.

The Nest Thermostat is the more cost-effective of the two but is far more “handbook” than the Nest Finding out. You can method a program and make changes by way of the Google House application, but it is not going to master and adapt as the Google Nest Finding out Thermostat does. However, Google statements you can install the thermostat in 30 minutes or much less, which could be a excellent promoting point for renters.

As significantly as layout goes, the Nest Finding out Thermostat has a far more significant-close really feel. It capabilities metal trim, in comparison to Nest Thermostat’s plastic overall body. However, the Nest Thermostat has a sleek mirrored display and a swipe characteristic (as a substitute of the conventional dial) to dress it up a little bit. That being claimed, you will find a sizeable price variation. The Nest Finding out Thermostat retails for $249.99, though the Nest Thermostat charges $129.99. It really is practically 50 percent the price, but you do get about 50 percent the capabilities. You is not going to be ready to combine the reduce-cost Nest Thermostat with the Nest application, and it won’t master your routine. You could use the Google House application as a substitution, but you are going to overlook out on being ready to management a number of gadgets and houses, as properly as acquiring a thermostat that starts anticipating your tastes.

Are there possibilities truly worth considering?

It really is tricky to exchange a Nest thermostat with a distinctive brand name basically for the reason that they’re so impressive and backed by Google. If you experienced to find an alternative for compatibility needs or other reasons, the next clever thermostats may well be truly worth considering.

  • Ecobee SmartThermostat: $250

    . This may well be the most loaded of all the thermostats. Siri and Alexa are crafted in, so you you should not have to have an Amazon Echo system. As well as, a SmartSensor truly worth $40 is provided.

  • Honeywell House T9: $169.99

    . Appropriate with Google Assistant and Alexa, the system capabilities humidity, temperature and proximity sensors.

  • Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Intelligent Thermostat: $129.99

    . The Sensi is an cost-effective, voice-suitable thermostat that functions with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri. Funds-acutely aware buyers must take into consideration the model as an alternative to the Google Nest Thermostat.

Nest Finding out Thermostat vs Nest Thermostat FAQ

How to opt for among the Nest Finding out Thermostat vs Nest Thermostat?

If you’d like to deal with quite a few thermostats and/or a number of houses simultaneously, the Nest Finding out Thermostat is far more complete-showcased. You can work a few houses seamlessly from the application or web site. As well as, you can stage back again and enable it master your habits to automate your home’s comfort.

On the other hand, if you happen to be wanting for a clever thermostat at an cost-effective price, the Nest Thermostat is the far more cost-effective of the two. It won’t have as numerous bells and whistles as the Nest Finding out Thermostat, but at only $129.99, you are going to have a classy, person-friendly thermostat that can support you reduce your electricity expenses.

What HVACs will Nest thermostats function with?

Locating a thermostat which is suitable with your home’s AC and heating must be the initial stage prior to you purchase 1. Nest Finding out Thermostats only function with 24V 1- or two-stage systems. Luckily, most residence systems slide into people parameters. According to Google, the Nest Finding out Thermostat has compatibility of ninety five%, and the Nest Thermostat functions with 85% of HVACs.

Does the Nest Thermostat function with the Nest application?

The Nest Thermostat is the least high priced thermostat from Nest. Though the $130 price point is good, it arrives with some trade-offs. It really is not integrated with the Nest cellular application. However, you can remotely management your system employing Google House.