New free Deep Learning lecture series from DeepMind and UCL

Specialists from DeepMind in cooperation with University Faculty London (UCL) have just lately launched a new collection of lectures dedicated to the particulars of device learning and artificial intelligence.

This training course if freely obtainable to every person, and features a wonderful lineup of lecturers from top AI research labs, and with large realistic and scientific practical experience in making smart systems.

In these collection you will discover numerous essential topics, including fundamentals of development and software of advanced features essential to course of action raw information at extraordinary precision and scale, software of deep learning to clear up complications in item and speech recognition, speech synthesis, prediction of developments, AI-based mostly management, scientific computing. Lectures also existing and go over realistic examples that are currently adopted in diverse industries these as health care, online video activity manufacturing, transportation, and production.

Presently DeepMind x UCL Deep Discovering collection is composed of six lectures, with options to enhance this amount to a whole of twelve.