RedCaps: web-curated image-text data created by the people, for the people

Substantial datasets of impression-textual content pairs from the internet are used for transfer mastering applications in laptop eyesight. Having said that, they have to utilize elaborate filtering methods to offer with noisy internet data.

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A modern examine on investigates how to get hold of high-excellent impression-textual content data from the internet with out elaborate data filtering.

The researchers propose employing Reddit for gathering impression-textual content pairs. Photos and their captions are collected in subject matter-certain subreddits. A single of the strengths of the dataset is the linguistic range: the captions from Reddit are typically additional pure and diverse than HTML alt-textual content. Subreddits provide more impression labels and team-associated material. That allows researchers to steer dataset contents with out labeling specific scenarios.

The proposed dataset is handy for mastering visual representations that transfer to downstream responsibilities like impression classification or item detection.

Substantial datasets of paired pictures and textual content have turn into more and more well-known for mastering generic representations for eyesight and eyesight-and-language responsibilities. These datasets have been developed by querying research engines or gathering HTML alt-textual content — considering the fact that internet data is noisy, they involve elaborate filtering pipelines to retain excellent. We discover alternate data sources to collect high excellent data with nominal filtering. We introduce RedCaps — a substantial-scale dataset of 12M impression-textual content pairs collected from Reddit. Photos and captions from Reddit depict and explain a extensive selection of objects and scenes. We collect data from a manually curated set of subreddits, which give coarse impression labels and let us to steer the dataset composition with out labeling specific scenarios. We show that captioning models skilled on RedCaps generate loaded and diverse captions favored by humans, and discover visual representations that transfer to several downstream responsibilities.

Exploration paper: Desai, K., Kaul, G., Aysola, Z., and Johnson, J., “RedCaps: internet-curated impression-textual content data designed by the persons, for the people”, 2021. Connection to the article: muscles/2111.11431

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