Sergey Levine: Humans, Robots, and Machine Learning

What is the variance between point out-of-the-art robots and ‘state-of-the-art’ individuals? Can we examine them in terms of actual physical hardware, and in terms of over-all functionality? How can we introduce a commonsense reasoning in robotics?

These are just some of the questions talked about in the hottest interview introduced by Lex Fridman, the place he talks about the hottest advancements and trends in robotics and deep discovering with Sergey Levine, the entire world-renowned skilled of artificial intelligence, specializing in the spot of deep discovering, reinforcement discovering, robotics, and computer vision.

“Obviously, human bodies are subtle, and extremely strong, and resilient in a lot of ways, but on the total, if we’re ready to invest a small little bit of funds and do a little bit of engineering, we can type of close the hardware hole. Pretty much. But the intelligence hole – that 1 is extremely wide”, states S. Levine.

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