Shapeshifting Robots for Space Exploration (Video)

We are probably still very far from the liquid-metal robot featured in the Sci-Fi movie “Terminator”. But shape-shifting robots do really exist. One of the latest creations comes from MIT, where engineers explore the possibility of using self-reconfigurable cubes in low gravity environments like outer space.

ElectroVoxels: shape-shifting robots for space environment

Meet ElectroVoxels – robotics cubes capable of shapeshifting – forming different structures according to their objective. Image credit: MIT CSAIL (still image from the YouTube video)

This new autonomous shape-shifting system goes under the name ElectroVoxels. Currently it exists in a working prototype stage, which means that it is already possible to demonstrate some basic functions, were cube robots join each other side-by-side, and move to a new position as needed.

Watch the following video for a real-life ElectroVoxels technology demonstration in low-gravity flight environment which illustrates how these cubes would operate in space: