Swift-C++ interoperability effort moves forward

A Swift-C++ interoperability workgroup has been formed as element of the Swift challenge. The new workgroup is dependable for acquiring and building the interoperability design among C++ and Apple-produced Swift.

A January 31 bulletin asserting the formation of the workgroup famous a “huge” sum of curiosity in bidirectional interoperability involving the two languages. The workgroup will deliver the framework for refining the interoperability layer’s goals and structure and for discussing adjustments to the Swift compiler to aid interoperability. The preliminary target will be on speedily iterating the progress of the interoperability product among the two languages.

The bulletin observed that the Swift compiler now can import and use some C++ APIs like C++ common library forms std:string and std::vector. A “C++ interoperability manifesto” released on the Swift GitHub page describes the ambitions and design and style for bidirectional API interoperability involving the two languages.

The manifesto emphasizes that proposed improvements have to healthy Swift’s goals and philosophy, and that forking the Swift language or common library or producing a dialect with no a fork were not “interesting solutions.” Restricted variations also could be built to the C++ code, toolchain, typical library implementation, and runtime setting, the document states.

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