Machine learning predicts side effects from chemotherapy

In collaboration with Rigshospitalet, scientists from DTU Health Technologies have developed a equipment learning design that can predict chemotherapy-involved nephrotoxicity, a especially considerable side outcome in individuals addressed with cisplatin.

Testicular cancer is the most prevalent cancer in younger adult males. The amount of new situations is increasing throughout the world. There is a reasonably significant survival level, with 95% surviving right after ten a long time – if detected in time and addressed thoroughly. Nevertheless, the standard chemotherapy incorporates cisplatin, which has a extensive assortment of very long-term side consequences, a person of which can be nephrotoxicity.

The experts

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Honey as a Wound Treatment? Scientists Are Exploring Its Potential Healing Effects

Ancient humans favored to put strange items on open wounds: animal poop, moldy bread and a gooey material manufactured by bees. But modern day science indicates the gooey a single — honey — is a highly effective killer of germs that induce infections. As scientists race from the expanding crisis of antibiotic resistance, some count on honey to make a health care comeback thousands of several years later.

About fifteen several years back, the science evaluating honey as an antibacterial ultimately gained some legs, according to Dee Carter, a microbiologist at the College of Sydney. Carter has been studying the

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