‘Cyborg’ technology could enable new diagnostics, merger of humans and AI

Despite the fact that real “cyborgs” — part human, part robotic beings — are science fiction, researchers are having methods toward integrating electronics with the body. These gadgets could observe for tumor progress or stand-in for harmed tissues. But connecting electronics specifically to human tissues in the body is a massive obstacle. Now, a crew is reporting new coatings for elements that could enable them much more simply suit into this environment.

“We obtained the concept for this task simply because we had been attempting to interface rigid, inorganic microelectrodes with the mind, but brains are built out of organic

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Google Docs Dark Mode: How to Enable Dark Theme on Google Docs, Slides and Sheets

If you happen to be a enthusiast of dark mode and your workflow consists of using Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides, rejoice due to the fact Google has lately rolled out a new function that delivers dark topic aid to its Docs, Sheets and Slides applications. A dark topic not only saves your device’s battery but is also quick on the eyes so that every time you search at the display screen, it isn’t going to really feel uncomfortable. So, by adhering to this guideline, you can master how to empower dark mode on Google Docs, Sheets and

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Fiber-Optic “Nerves” Enable Sensitive Surgery Tools

Can you make a robot come to feel? That was the question posed to Johnson Space Heart engineer Toby Martin.

It wasn’t a coronary heart that NASA required to give its Robonaut, though—it was tactile sensing for the robot’s hands.

Less than deal to Johnson Space Heart, Clever Fiber Optic Techniques (IFOS) produced a method that aimed to give tactile sensing to the hands of NASA’s initially Robonaut robot. The get the job done improved the capabilities of the optical interrogator which is at the coronary heart of most of the company’s methods and improved engineering that IFOS has

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