A New Way to Make Robotic Sensors, Based on How the Body Heals Itself

Encouraged by the body’s natural wound-healing course of action, Yale robotics scientists have developed a safer and faster way to manufacture sensors onto comfortable, deformable structures.

The process, developed in the lab of Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio, the John J. Lee Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Components Science, can be used to sensorize comfortable robots and wearables. The results had been recently released in Science Robotics.

Picture credit score: Yale University

Numerous comfortable robotic techniques require built-in sensors that can stretch and conform alongside surface area contours. About the very last decade, composite components produced from polymer and conductive fillers

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Cancelled Flights, New Waymo Sensors, and More Car News This Week

The worldwide transportation industry is racing to keep up with the spread of the novel coronavirus, as it becomes evident that the virus is moving throughout the US. Airlines took major financial hits, even as they changed their routines—no hot towels for you!—to prevent the spread of the virus. Public transit agencies stepped up their cleaning procedures. Car sales collapsed in China. Are you changing your travel behavior because of the virus? Maybe skipping that conference? Working from home? You’re certainly not alone.

Cool stuff happened this week too. Waymo rolled out its new sensor suite and divulged some cool

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