Apa Itu Hosting dan Fungsinya dalam Pembuatan Website

Businesses shifting their applications to the Cloud to increase accessibility is no longer a new phenomenon but rather the norm. A cursory glance at the PlayStore or App Store should confirm this. 

Today, the majority of internet users access emails and websites through their mobile devices. Hosting these applications with the help of traditional VPS or shared hosting environments can be difficult. Hence, the need for Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is carried on with the help of cloud servers, different servers containing different resources, that pass on the resources to the cloud that is hosting your website or application. 

Many web hosting services and providers advise using this type of hosting while hosting applications – But why is this form of hosting trusted when it comes to hosting applications? Let us see!

Cloud Server Benefits for Application Hosting

  • Maximised Availability and Reliability

A significant benefit of cloud app hosting and cloud hosting is that it is very reliable in various aspects of hosting. Thai type of hosting infrastructure ensures easy access to data across devices and seamless functioning of the app. 

Recovery is also very fast due to the presence of multiple servers. If one goes down, the other supports the app successfully. 

  • Very Scalable

Scalability is important if you see growth in your business or a spike in traffic in the near future. Having scalable infrastructure and hosting services matters a lot since the other option is to migrate to another provider. 

Cloud hosting enables you to increase your storage, bandwidth, resources and security of the website very easily. This is a huge plus!

  • Provides Data Security

Security, in general, is of utmost importance in web hosting. Data security is even more important than that. Cloud providers offer a robust security system that ensures the safekeeping of your database, files, content and media on the application. 

There is also a factor of security that controls access and allows limited entry to the root of the server and application configuration, resulting in improved security. 

  • Enables Proper Data Management

When it comes to mobile or online applications, data management is a daunting task. 

Since the data usually comes in a large quantity. Cloud providers offer advanced data management solutions that ease functions like storing and retrieving. 

Cloud computing servers also offer advanced analytical tools that allow you to derive various insights from the data to make better decisions.

  • Cost-Effective 

Unlike dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting is very affordable for small and medium enterprises. 

This can be attributed to the cost and pricing structure of cloud application hosting where the clients have to only pay for the services they have consumed up until now!


Hosting your app on the Cloud offers many benefits for your business or gaming platform. 

While there are limitations to cloud hosting, the benefits far outweigh them. So, it is always advised to go for cloud computing when choosing hosting services for your business applications.