We have a variety of channels and for this we are still using cable, and fiber TV.  However, we do have many streaming options from which we can customize channels and TV shows according to our desire. But having a cable TV will allow us to explore many different channels. The cable TV providers of USA not only provide cable services but also provide us various internet and satellite services. 

The top 10 cable companies in the US are driving the way across the industry by providing optional features along with their usual services. Nowadays, the top cable companies on the planet are Cox communication, Charter Communications, AT&T, and Comcast. Read this full blog to see the best 10 cable companies in the United States.

Who are the top 10 cable companies on the planet in 2020? Here comes the list of top cable companies in the USA in 2021. 


Cox communications is a quickly developing organization committed to designing the best offers on home cable services and carrying those proposals to you! 

It hopes to provide the best prices in your area for cable, telephone, and internet services. Cox Communications produced incomes of USD 11 billion last year, which makes it one of the top cable companies on the planet. Cox Communications has more than 818,330 and works Cable/Fiber innovation for its items and administrations.

The locations where Cox communication is present include California, Nevada, Arizona, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas, Louisiana, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, Virginia, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. The Revenue of Cox Communications is USD 11 billion per year. It has 818,330 numbers of subscribers. The services provided by Cox Communication are:

  • Satellite TV 
  • Cable TV
  • Fixed-line phones
  • Internet providers 
  • Broadband 
  • VoIP 
  • Remote 
  • Home Security 
  • Business administrations 
  • Gigablast fiber 

2. AT&T 

AT&T is also one of the top cable companies in the USA. AT&T is an organization settled at Whitacre Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas. AT&T has 22,360,000 endorsers, and it works Fiber/VDSL sorts of link administrations. At&T was established in 1983 and is known for its AT&T Now and DirecTV brands. AT&T got an income of USD 181.2 billion last year. However, this makes it one of the best cable companies around the globe. 

AT&T is Present all over the USA, with around 22,360,000 subscribers. The revenue of AT&T is 2 billion USD per year. The Services provided by AT&T are:

  • Satellite TV 
  • Fixed-line phones 
  • Cell phones 
  • Broadband internet 
  • Digital TV 
  • Home security 
  • IPTV 
  • OTT administrations 
  • Organization security 
  • Film creation 
  • TV creation 
  • Satellite TV 
  • Pay-TV 
  • Distributing 
  • Digital recordings 
  • Sports 
  • News 
  • Computer games 

3. Charter Communications 

Charter Communication is also one of the best cable companies in the United States. Charter Communications is American cable TV and broadband provider that offers its services under the brand of Spectrum. Charter Communications has more than 26,000,000 customers, positioning in front of Comcast and AT&T by supporters in the USA. The organization is known for working cable/fiber benefits and is known for the notable brand Spectrum. Charter communications last year acquired incomes of USD 43.63 billion. However, this makes it one of the top cable companies worldwide. 

The locations where Charter Communications is present are Stamford, Connecticut, and all over the USA. It has 26,000,000 subscribers. The revenue of Charter Communication is 63 billion USD per year. The services provided by Charter Communications:

  • Broadband 
  • Satellite TV 
  • Advanced link 
  • Advanced phone 
  • HDTV 
  • Home security 
  • Web 
  • Web security 
  • VoIP telephone 

4. Comcast 

Comcast, an American media communications company is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Comcast has a customer base of 21,650,000 and is known for the notable Xfinity brand for its services. The organization was established in 1963 and grants cable/fiber services. 

The locations where Comcast is present are Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and almost the whole USA.. The revenue of Comcast is 94 billion USD per year. The services provided by Comcast are listed below:

  • Broadband 
  • Satellite TV 
  • Advanced phone 
  • Direct-broadcast satellite 

5. Dish Network 

Dish Network Corporation is a TV dealer located in Englewood, Colorado. It provides immediate transmission satellite supplier Dish, still known as Dish Network, and the ludicrous IPTV administration Sling TV. Dish Network has an endorser check of 12,060,000 and produces USD 12.8 billion in income last year. 

The locations where Dish Network is present are Englewood, Colorado, and all over the US. It has 12,060,000 subscribers. The revenue of Dish Network is 12.8 billion USD per year. The services provided by Dish Network:

  • Direct-broadcast satellite 
  • Pay-TV 
  • Pay-per-see 
  • Ludicrous media administrations 

6. Verizon 

Verizon is an American media communications organization that offers exclusive items and services. It works Fiber innovation and is notable for its Fios link brand. It has an customer base of 4,400,000 and created USD 131.9 billion. Verizon was established in 1983.

The locations where Verizon is present are New York City, New York, USA. It has 4,400,000 subscribers. The Revenue of Verizon is 131.9 Billion USD. The services provided by Verizon:

  • Digital TV 
  • Landline 
  • Cell phone 
  • Broadband 
  • Computerized TV 
  • IPTV 
  • Computerized Media 
  • Web 
  • Telematics 

7. Altice USA 

Altice USA is also one of the top best cable companies in the US. It is an American satellite TV supplier with central command in New York City. 

However, it conveys pay-TV, Internet access, telephone utilities, and unique TV content to roughly 4.9 million private and business clients in 21 states. Altice USA has more than 3,300,000 customers and is known for its Optimum and Suddenlink brands. 

The locations where Altice USA is present are Long Island City, New York, USA. The revenue of Altice USA is USD 76 billion per year. It has 3,300,000 subscribers. The services provided by Altice USA

  • Link 
  • Web
  • VoIP Phone 
  • Business

8. Frontier Communications 

Frontier Communications is the top best cable company on the globe. It is a media communications organization in the United States notable for working with Vantage TV and Frontier FiOS brands. The company offers Fiber/DSL benefits and has 961,000 subscribers. 

The locations where Frontier Communications is present are Norwalk, Connecticut, USA. The revenue of Wilderness Communications is 10 billion USD per year. It has 961,000 subscribers.