Which Cloud Strategy Is Right For My Organization’s Security Needs?

Question: Which cloud strategy must I look at for my organization multicloud or multiregion?

Ryan Sydlik, Security Engineer, Telos Corp.: The lesson to be figured out from the AWS outage is that a multiregion strategy within a one cloud is effective and a multicloud strategy has no added reward. The outage influenced US-EAST-one Northern Virginia, but it did not impact US-EAST-2 Ohio. A workload that is equipped to fall short more than, irrespective of whether mechanically or with some manual effort, would have been equipped to weather the outage. This also highlights the value of disaster recovery tests. When an outage is rather shorter like this AWS outage, if you are not confident in failover, you might not choose it to be truly worth the hazard for a number of hrs. There is also yet another pitfall devoid of correct tests: The area you are failing more than to might be wonderful, but your workload might even now fall short to recover mainly because of a misconfiguration or bug in your failover approach that was not identified because of to a deficiency of tests.

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