Why Should You Visit Kasmir?

If you’re en route to Kargil, the town of Kasmir is an excellent stopover. It has an imposing fort, an admirable collection of temples, and a Mughal garden. Whether you’re planning a long weekend or a few days, this town is definitely worth checking out.

kasmir is a good stopover en route to Kargil

Kasmir is a good stopover if you’re en route to Kargil, as it’s half way between the two. It’s the summer capital of Kashmir and is home to the Dal Lake. Most travellers choose to break up their journey here, since the altitude here is much more pleasant. The highway will pass over rows of pretty houses and verdant rice fields, and it’s a good place to rest up. Also, if you need Uworld Coupon Code, you can check on the website.

It has an imposing fort

In Kasmir, there is an imposing fort. Located in the Jammu and Kashmir Territories, the fort is surrounded by a 15 feet high wall made of Sun-dried mud bricks. The fort also has an army parade ground in the center.

It has an admirable collection of temples

Kasmir is a region in India with an admirable collection of temples. One such temple is the Baha’i temple. Though it has fallen into disrepair, it is of great architectural, historical, and religious significance. It is a perfect example of the architectural style of the time. Its pillars and stone carvings are of great beauty, and the temple is still an excellent example of its time. Unfortunately, the authorities have not done enough to restore the temple. Despite this, the Baha’i temple has been used in the movie “Haider”, which was filmed in Kasmir.

It has a Mughal garden

If you are planning a holiday to the picturesque mountain town of Kashmir, then one of the must-see places in this region is its Mughal garden. Situated at an altitude of 1677 meters above sea level, the garden is a riot of color and design. It has been designed and maintained in the Persian style of gardening, and the tall Chinar trees give it a royal feel.

It is a calm oasis

For those who are in need of a break from the hectic world, Kasmir in Afghanistan may be the ideal destination. This region is renowned for its calm oasis atmosphere. The locals are friendly and welcoming, with a mystic soul and a peaceful motherly spirit. The atmosphere here calms the chaos inside and makes you feel at home.

It has a monsoon climate

The climate of Kasmir is very pleasant during the winter months and cool during the summer months. The summer monsoon season commences around mid-June and ends in mid-October. The high temperature during this period is generally around 11/13 degC, while the temperatures are slightly higher at night. The winter months are slightly colder but can still be comfortable. The temperatures peak at 34 degC in March and around 41.5 degC in May. Temperatures are cooler in the shade during these months but are still pleasant.

It is a good time to visit

The best time to visit Kasmir is in the summer when the weather is warm and clear. However, you should avoid visiting in the monsoons, when temperatures drop to 0 degrees at night. However, you can still get good deals on tour packages and hotel rooms during this time. It is advisable to pack warm clothes and a raincoat in case of rain. If you are traveler, you can visit GreenPromoCode.com to get the best discount on flight, hotels or food.


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